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a. Characterized by extreme refinement or self-indulgence, often to the point of unworldiness or decadence: "the effete taste of people surfeited with expensive comforts" (R.P.T. Davenport-Hines).
b. Having or reflecting an attitude of social superiority; pretentious or snobbish: "Throughout its amateur era tennis was a country club sport, denigrated as elitist and effete" (Stuart Miller).
2. Depleted of vitality, force, or effectiveness; exhausted: the effete monarchies of Europe.
3. Effeminate: "As a manly adventurer ... [Saint Paul] seemed the perfect rebuttal to our great, if unspoken, fear that the celibate vocation was effete" (James Carroll).
4. Archaic No longer productive; infertile.

[Latin effētus, worn out, exhausted : ex-, ex- + fētus, bearing young, pregnant; see dhē(i)- in Indo-European roots.]

ef·fete′ly adv.
ef·fete′ness n.
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[ɪˈfiːtnɪs] Ncansancio m
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There is another young lady here, who is less abnormally developed than the one I have just described, but who yet bears the stamp of this peculiar combination of incompleteness and effeteness. These three persons look with the greatest mistrust and aversion upon each other; and each has repeatedly taken me apart and assured me, secretly, that he or she only is the real, the genuine, the typical American.
From the point of effeteness for operating on the hardware and display performance, HE-based methods stretch the raw infrared data more strongly than AGC, and pHE refines the performance more than HE in some scenes; however the plateau value is difficult to determine and the adaptive plateau value in some work cannot solve this problem effectively.
For Firbank, gender ambiguities do not equal or bring about effeteness, world-weariness, or social alienation.
These redevelopment projects will put the upmost priority on cost effeteness and efficiency in maintaining future growth.
"The Self-image of Effeteness: Physical Education and Nationalism in Nineteenth Century Bengal." Past and Present 86 (1980): 121-48.
Survival of Firms and Other Businesses in a Free Market Economic Environment Which is Continually Witnessing the Elimination of Trade Barriers and More Integration of Markets, and Where the Competition Becomes Increasingly Tougher and more Ruthless, Without Having a good level of Effeteness in Achieving Goals, Efficiency, Economy, and the Optimal Management of Resources are impossible.
For one thing, those low birth rates among "true Romans," and perhaps a luxury-wrought effeteness. made it necessary to find manpower by recruiting barbarians into the military.
Such a standard aims at "discrediting the subjective and historically contingent" (Ardis, New 57), with which women writers in particular are frequently associated by masculinist moderns, who deployed "the language of effeteness and effeminacy" (Freedman xvi) to differentiate and distance themselves from male and female precursors alike: "even a cursory glance at the misogynist rhetoric that attended the male modernists' anti-Romantic program," Cassandra Laity writes, "suggests familiar dismissals of effeminate men's and women's writing" (2).
Simulation results are presented to show the effeteness of our algorithm.
The limited abilities will form the cask principle, and this will ultimately affect the effeteness and effect of mission execution.