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Producing or capable of producing a desired effect. See Synonyms at effective.

[From Latin efficāx, efficāc-, from efficere, to effect; see effect.]

ef′fi·ca′cious·ly adv.
ef′fi·ca′cious·ness n.
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Adv.1.efficaciously - in an effective manner; "these are real problems that can be dealt with most effectively by rational discussion"
ineffectively, inefficaciously - in an ineffective manner; "he dealt with the problem rather ineffectively"
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"You think, then, that you can help me more efficaciously than your brothers?" said Gondy.
so one can greater as it should be, fast and efficaciously match positions and capacity candidates, the web recruitment platform are paying more attention to their personal potential of mining, sorting and analysis of the massive records, and this can constitute its core competitiveness.
As such, it metal stents underpin chemotherapy to work more efficaciously. These actionable insights are according to the intelligence report, titled, "Global Market Study on Pancreatic and Biliary Stents : Wide Availability of Advanced, Self-expandable, & Fully Covered Stents Assisting Growth," which has been freshly added to Market Research Hub's (MRH) ever-expanding armamentarium.
To clear PSPCL's mounting subsidy arrears, the Chief Minister directed the Finance Department to ensure the timely release of the payments to help the power entity operate seamlessly and efficaciously. He asked the Finance Department to ensure the release of subsidy payments at regular intervals (ANI)
The combination of the microfiber packs which can be slotted onto the device and secured with a transparent attachment ring benefit from the heating, cooling and pulsation settings which activate and deliver the ingredients more efficaciously than a sheet mask placed on the face for 20 minutes.
The portfolio of Bancatakaful, which was efficaciously, launched pan-Pakistan in 2016 with EFU and JLI as Takaful operators has now grown manifolds.
He alluded that some politicians "continue to misuse the pulpit to sanitise their ill-gotten wealth by abnormal and questionable financial donations".ADDRESS MENACE Auditors and financial analysts believe that, by efficaciously laundering the proceeds of a corruption act, the illicit gains may be enjoyed without fear of being confiscated.
Nasr will play cardinal role against prevailing and evolving threat spectrum more efficaciously including enemy's ballistic missile defence and other Air Defence Systems.
As for the Muslim countries' supremos, they should learn a lesson from Ms Ardern on how to handle effectively and efficaciously such incidents, healing the emotional scars of the victims and bereaved families.The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore.
During the last few years, we have proved ourselves to be a peaceful, dynamic and responsible state which emerged efficaciously after every challenge,' he said.
All abscesses 45 mm or less in longest dimension were efficaciously managed, by both PCD as well as PNA while the later failed in case of multiloculated abscesses.