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In lieu of a detailed examination, the interpretive dispute can be profitably characterized as centering on two related questions, which I dub the genetic question and the efficacity question.
001 Table 2 Utilization of NaDCCs among caregivers of children under five in Benin Year p value Indicators 2009 2011 N=2912 N=3196 BEHAVIOR Used NADCC to treat drinking water (%) 5,80 11,50 (***) OPPORTUNITY Knowledge of places where the product is sold 15,3 47,0 (***) Social norms relative to household water treatment (mean score) 2,45 2,57 (***) ABILITY Self efficacity to talk about NaDCC as a household water treatment product (%) 9,2 13,4 (***) Knowledge that 1 tablet of NaDCC to disinfect 20 liters of water (%) 2,5 15,5 (***) Knowledge about basic characteristics of Drinking water (%) 66,3 76,4 (***) MOTIVATION Positive attitude towards regular treatment of Water (mean score ) 3,5 3,4 (***) 1- (*) =p<0.
In this paper I have dwelt especially on the 'poetic' qualities of some Toraja invocations and suggest that elements of literary theory, combined with the idea of poiesis as creative action, may help us understand how Toraja conceive the efficacity of language as part of complex ritual performances.
Cannon seems to believe in the efficacity of this remedy, despite the fact that Thomas's infirmity continued throughout his life.
The efficacity of the visual medium and the disciplinary setting of a medical school classroom, the gaze of the master as part of it, finds its way into The True Story of Ah Q.
assures its efficacity by its preventative character.
All these figures show the efficacity of the training program of (E) group.
Improvement of social spending efficacity while maintaining an acceptable and sustained level of government budget allocation to social issues.
Congress is continuously reevaluating the efficacity of U.
He succumbs to the sign as a speech act and what it has ordered for him as "inside" and "outside;" hence, he accepts its efficacity at constituting a seemingly random plot of land as a construction site and thus a space of denied admission.
Sacred power means reality and at the same time enduringness and efficacity .
Boureau accords particular value to Enrico's response because he is the only member of the commission who seems to draw attention to the real efficacity of demonic causality in black magic, thus offering the first explicit evidence of the tournant demonologique taking place in the medieval Church between the end of the thirteenth and the beginning of the fourteenth century.