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But while the benefits and conveniences of such advanced functionalities are clear, in the case of an issue arising, it can often be difficult for a user to accurately detail complex problem situations by verbal description alone, subsequently affecting the efficacity of a CS consultant's advice.
For the moment, PIPAC therapy is only offered to patients undergoing palliative treatment, as its efficacity has yet to be demonstrated in a large scientific study.
Their efficacity is lacking when employed on issues that necessitate nonlinear decision boundaries.
Efficacity of trust-building tactics in construction mediation.
The patients that conusme alcohol may be less therapeutically compliant and the effect of the medications given may be modified, increasing toxicity or inhibiting the medicine's efficacity completely (6).
[51] provided proof of concept that microglia PET imaging with [sup.11]C-PK11195 could also be a tool to assess disease-modifying drugs for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) efficacity. Indeed, radiopharmaceutical binding potential per unit volume was statistically decreased in the whole brain after one year of glatiramer acetate.
To our knowledge, the efficacity of small-volume endobronchial cold saline to control endobronchial bleeding has never been studied.
Among all these mentioned methods, sorption is an effective and eco-friendly method for the removal of heavy metal ions from wastewaters due to its simple design, easy operation handling, and availability of different sorbents with large efficacity to remove a wide range of heavy metals [10-12].
Sacred power means reality and at the same time enduringness and efficacity. The polarity sacred-profane is often expressed as an opposition between real and unreal, or pseudoreal.
In lieu of a detailed examination, the interpretive dispute can be profitably characterized as centering on two related questions, which I dub the genetic question and the efficacity question.