efficiency expert

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efficiency expert

A specialist who seeks to increase the productivity of a business or an industry by improving the efficiency of its operations.

effi′ciency ex`pert

a person who studies the methods, procedures, and job characteristics of a business or factory in order to devise ways to increase efficiency.
Also called effi′ciency engineer`.
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Noun1.efficiency expert - an expert in increasing the efficient use of machines and personnel
expert - a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully
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Expression of Interest for Consultant Energy Efficiency Expert (Technical) for Demand-Side Energy Efficiency Investment Project.
The hitch was that records managers never managed to don the cloak of respectability and authority that the efficiency expert had.
Matt Golden, an energy efficiency expert based in Sausalito, California, and CEO of Open Energy Efficiency (openeemeter.
45PM American efficiency expert Constance Cummings is brought in to modernise an established Scots tweed firm.
Beverley Maguire, energy efficiency expert at Eon, said: "New parents are faced with lots of additional costs, but one thing they may not consider is how baby's arrival will affect their energy consumption.
Includes new tips, charts, and schedules from the engineer and efficiency expert.
In the 1957 romantic comedy "Desk Set," Spencer Tracy plays a rumpled efficiency expert assigned to computerize a national television network's research department, managed by brainiac Katharine Hepburn.
SMac) is a Canadian Virtual Assistant (VA), CEO of SMac To The Rescue, and a Super Efficiency Expert.
com, an energy efficiency expert is available to come to your home and create a customized road map to help you make more cost-effective energy-saving decisions immediately and over time.
Ironically, Ryan is threatened with redundancy when efficiency expert Natalie (Anna Kendrick) puts forward a plan to his boss, Craig (Jason Bateman), that agents should conduct the terminations via video conferencing.
The erratic "Chaos Theory" revolves around an uptight efficiency expert who lays out his philosophy about 30 minutes into the movie:
An efficiency expert was wrapping up his lecture to a group of business owners.

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