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1. A flowing outward.
2. Something that flows out or forth; an effluence.
3. A passing or an expiration, as of time.

[From Latin efflūxus, past participle of effluere, to flow out; see effluent.]

ef·flux′ion (ĭ-flŭk′shən) n.
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In the days and months following these events, in organising the headstone for the family grave plot at London Road Cemetery, I was reminded of something I had known previously, but had subsequently forgotten; namely, that there is a section of the cemetery that has come to be known, by the gravediggers, stonemasons and cemetery attendants, informally through custom, and the effluxion of time, as Grimmett's acre.
Given the imminence of the INEC deadline for the conclusion of primaries, Uba Sani cannot sit on his right and allow the effluxion of time to extinguish his cause of action.
EB dye is always used as a marker of albumin effluxion to evaluate BBB permeability.
The article will suggest that, with a natural devolution of juridical personality to the most reasoning and legally competent persons always in operation, the sovereign could simply alter the effluxion of this devolution, by application of epideictic rhetoric.
If the award was issued otherwise than with an arbitration instrument or on the basis of an instrument which is invalid or has lapsed by effluxion of time, or if the arbitrator acted outside the scope of the instrument;
It is by effluxion of time that our present cadre of senior officers got to where they are now.