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Noun1.egality - social and political equality; "egality represents an extreme leveling of society"
equivalence, par, equality, equation - a state of being essentially equal or equivalent; equally balanced; "on a par with the best"
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The program included preclinical studies, pharmacokinetic (PK) studies, and the Phase III confirmatory safety and efficacy EGALITY study.
A man was arrested on suspicion of commo e ommission egality xit Party's tions, ch ow lions traceable ne our rman assault.
elitism, as it questions the principle of democratic egality within a
Management of these interactions has ranged from the strictly hierarchial manifestation of the 'Divine Rights of Kings' through to the idealistic equality and egality of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communism.
Griffiths and his associates studied the efficacy and safety of GP2015 compared with etanercept, a tumor necrosis factor blocker, in the 2-year EGALITY trial.
The issues which Freeman chose to leave unanswered and the complexities of the relationships between hierarchy and egality appear to relate, in part at least, to his preoccupation with the essential, or 'pristine', nature of the 'traditional' pagan Iban prior to incorporation into Malay and European state systems (exemplified by the upriver Rejang and Batang Ai Iban as distinct from the 'long-settled areas' such as the Saribas, Skrang, and Sebuyau, where Iban had long been subject to Malay influence and then incorporated into a European-dominated political, economic, and cultural sphere).
The confirmatory research, dubbed "The EGALITY Study," found that there was no clinically meaningful difference between Sandoz's biosimilar etanercept and the original product, Enbrei (which is manufactured by Immunex Corp.
Sandoz, a division of Swiss-based pharmaceutical company, Novartis, and a company involved in biosimilars, yesterday announced results from the EGALITY trial in which the primary endpoint of achieving equivalence in Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) 75 response rates at week 12 was met.
Thus, to the newly installed intendant of New France, Roberval, intent as he is on imposing his grammar on the New World, the possible egality of competing world views is a "hair raising" notion that never occurs to him "except in nightmares" (153).
It's not concerned with exploring the work of one particular artist, but in the processes by which art itself is made, and specifically processes influenced by the ideology of the left, summed by the revolutionary cry of "liberty, egality, fraternity".
Good for mother, wife, sister, or daughter, there would be no waste in any order, and the price would reach even the worker's purse, egality a virtue in the market.