egg cream

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egg cream

A drink made of milk, syrup, and soda water.

[Probably from its foamy, egg-whitelike head.]

egg′ cream`

a cold beverage made with milk, chocolate syrup, and soda water.
[1950–55, Amer.]
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Noun1.egg cream - made of milk and flavored syrup with soda water
soft drink - nonalcoholic beverage (usually carbonated)
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And of course, there's dessert recipes including Platform Churros, Caramel Corn, New York Cheesecake, Brooklyn Egg Cream, and Zeppole.
Once you bite into the tart, the egg cream is soft enough it oozes out (unlike other tarts where that part stays put, with a texture like our leche flan).
By the 1880s, soda fountains poured out versions flavored with lemon, chocolate and milk, as well as a concoction called an egg cream (surprisingly, the key ingredient was neither egg nor cream, but seltzer, mixed with chocolate syrup), and seltzer became a city-wide craze.
Palate: Medium weight--slightly creamy, egg cream, white pepper, toasted nuts--almonds, marzipan; medium acidity.
Raymond Goffio, a former owner of the Brooklyn Egg Cream Company, approached Moglen immediately, and he put Moglen in touch with the elected officials who helped to lobby the city's Art Commission on their behalf.
In its Italian units, the most popular flavor, available year-round, is Grom Cream, which has an egg cream base mixed with corn biscuits from a Piedmont bakery and chocolate flakes from Ecuador.
For something a bit different try Egg Cream range from Joey (www.
Cosmetics firm Joey of New York has combined egg and honey in an innovative anti-ageing range including Egg Cream Cleanser (pounds 29.
The Diner has been featured in a wide variety of magazines and on television including Woman's Day, Bon Appetit, New York, Newsday, The New York Times, CNN, The Food Network, "Weekend Today" on NBC, and the authors of A Chocolate Lovers' Guide to NY maintain that the Comfort Dinner serves the "Best Egg Cream in New York.
Perched on a seat at the counter, you can have an egg cream or a phosphate lemonade, even if you're not old enough to remember sharing one with your high-school sweetheart.
Egg Cream America of Northbrook, IL, has announced a full-scale roll-out for its products in the West, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.