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Noun1.egg laying - the production of eggs (especially in birds)egg laying - the production of eggs (especially in birds)
birthing, giving birth, parturition, birth - the process of giving birth
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Even where it did not hamper the bees' feet, the stale, sour smell of the stuff put them off their work; though some of the bees who had taken to egg laying said it encouraged them to be mothers and maintain a vital interest in life.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 5 (ANI): While hearing a petition against confinement of egg laying hens in India for practically entire duration of their productive life to barren wire battery cages, the Delhi High Court on Wednesday gave six weeks' time to the Centre to finalise a draft which should contain rules after consulting all stakeholders.
'There was improved egg laying efficiency ratio in duck farms in Calabarzon, Mimaropa region, Bicol region, Central Visayas, Zamboanga Peninsula and Soccsksargen,' the PSA said.
If you have a white egg laying chicken, like a Brown Leghorn, then no additional pigment is added to the egg.
Evaluation of the effects of a 4.7-ing deslorelin acetate implant on egg laying in cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus).
Products are either sourced from enriched cage or free range egg laying systems.
A comparison was made between egg laying and egg hatching on different host densities and maximum number of egg laying was observed (134.7 eggs) at the highest host densities (16 larvae) while a minimum number of egg laying (15.6 eggs) was registered at lowest host density (one larvae).
The ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is recording the location of locust nests and egg laying pattern.
Trichogramma fuentesi displayed six types of behavior: walking, resting, grooming, drumming, drilling, and egg laying. Host feeding has been considered a fitness trade-off for parasitoids (Rivero & West 2005).
Wildlife Multan director Muhammad Abbas told that the ban was usually imposed to facilitate birds pass through their egg laying or reproduction period without any difficulty and for their survival.
These preffered damp soil rich in organic matter for egg laying under the laboratory conditions.