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1. Holding the view that the ego is the center, object, and norm of all experience.
a. Confined in attitude or interest to one's own needs or affairs.
b. Caring only about oneself; selfish.
3. Philosophy
a. Taking one's own self as the starting point in philosophical reasoning.
b. Having a meaning relative to the perspective of the subject, such as right or left.

e′go·cen′tric n.
e′go·cen′tric·al·ly adv.
e′go·cen·tric′i·ty (-trĭs′ĭ-tē), e′go·cen′trism n.


(ˌiːɡəʊˈsɛntrɪklɪ; ˌɛɡəʊˈsɛntrɪklɪ)
in an egocentric manner
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' Husbands and Heads of families across the state should, therefore, be on the lookout and make sure that these shylocks, failed politicians do not egocentrically disenfranchise their wives, as well as household members.
state that "shame-proneness is (depending on assessment method) negatively or negligibly correlated with other-oriented empathy and positively linked with the tendency to focus egocentrically on one's own distress." (8) Such moral responses are not well suited for restorative justice, as empathetic responses seem essential to the effectiveness of this kind of justice.
It has been argued that in a further stage, the rat can behave egocentrically in this allocentric environment (relativistic mentation).
As egocentrically anchored as we are, (3) the self comes into view prosocially, relationally among other selves (see Rorty 1993, 80, as well as works by Nicholas Epley and Thomas Gilovich).
An Arab would see this egocentrically as the site in which he protects his family's life, not as a site that symbolizes some kind of attachment to or rejection from the state ...
If there are at least humans and non-humans in the environment, how do they exist--is it independently or interdependently, egocentrically or altruistically?
Before reaching this awareness, children tend to believe that their perceptions of the world are accurate reflections of its actual properties and that others will therefore perceive the world as they do, so they are egocentrically biased [22].
Research has shown that rivals egocentrically think most about the issues most important to their own side, but not necessarily to issues that are important to their rivals (Kruger, Windschitl, Burrus, Fessel, & Chambers, 2008).
"There's a subtle boundary between the ability to identify with others and take on their perspective -- and therefore be empathic -- and the inability to distinguish between self and other, thus acting egocentrically" explains Silani.
Departmentalization can hinder company integration where departments become egocentrically concerned with their 'turf' and position, often leading to conflicts and power struggles within interdepartmental relationships.
I urge caution when professing, egocentrically or for reasons of personal belief, that the complexity of social systems differs in kind from that of any other organized system.