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 (ē′gō-mā′nē-ə, -mān′yə)
Obsessive preoccupation with the self.

e′go·ma′ni·ac′ (-nē-ăk′) n.
e′go·ma·ni′a·cal (-mə-nī′ə-kəl) adj.
e′go·ma·ni′a·cal·ly adv.
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But sadly, that again was not the case and egomaniacal leaders started World War One and Two, unleashing death and destruction throughout the world, particularly, in Europe.
The profile's author, Michael Kranish, wrote that Barrack often wonders how he has lasted 30 years with such a tempestuous, egomaniacal man.
So while our blinkered, egomaniacal EU movers and shakers fiddle over Brexit, the world about them is burning and drowning.
Heil myself," he ad-libs, a bit player stealing the spotlight from the egomaniacal star.
Chefs are notoriously egomaniacal, and I thought that five chef-sized egos in a single kitchen with a lot of sharp knives would be a recipe for disaster.
MANY OF US turn away from organized religion--even God--so hurt are we by encounters we've had with a faith's sexism, homophobia, abuse, oppression, emotional manipulation, egomaniacal leadership.
Belligerent, intemperate, egomaniacal, and of imposing stature, Titus was the bete noire of the abolitionist press.
The trouble is, she's washed him out of her life and is about to wed an egomaniacal pop star.
The light blue sneakers, plus red socks, are an egomaniacal choice.
Obama's actions should have little chance of becoming law (after all, Congress makes laws, not an egomaniacal president) but the point is this: the gunbanners, including our desperate president, are throwing as much crap at the wall as possible, hoping that some of it will stick.
Shriver--the wrong Shriver--RSVPs, thinking it a good practical joke, until he's swept up in the sordid, confusing world of egomaniacal writers and those who adore them.
The reviewer, from Essex, also described Tigger as "an egomaniacal buffoon".