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1. A conceited, boastful person.
2. A selfish, self-centered person.

e′go·tis′tic, e′go·tis′ti·cal adj.
e′go·tis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.egotistically - in an egotistical manner; "he behaved egotistically"
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If every confectioner went buzzing about the world banging against everything that came in his way and egotistically calling upon everybody to take notice that he was going to his work and must not be interrupted, the world would be quite an unsupportable place.
How many more times are we going to hear him egotistically twittering on about a General Election?
Samuel Johnson's dictionary had been the standard for years, but Webster, perhaps egotistically, assumed the mantle of America's lexicographical savior.
Naidu, who is observing a day-long hunger strike, said: "Modi is acting shameless and egotistically. He is thinking to win elections by colluding with some party.
I am sure there are plenty of people who are sympathetic to the cause, but absolutely refuse to arrogantly and egotistically disrespect our flag and our national anthem.
The National Assembly has over the years played politics to the extreme by repeatedly, egotistically misappropriating its gavel in contradiction of democratic system and severally axed opposing colleagues that were elected by the people in their respective senatorial districts and constituencies for their counterparts at the House of Representatives.
Fund to be managed by a Foundation which he did not egotistically name after himself, despite the protests of some good-intentioned people who really didn't know the kind of
(32) Or the conciliation between 'one' and 'many' could refer to the figure of the author, yielding as such two distinct interpretations: either the author seeing themselves reflected in their characters, or the author egotistically asserting the creation of those characters - the locus in the universe where the many become one, the Scholastic interpretation of the Bible reminds us, is God.
For example, perhaps we left our last body in shock, such as suddenly dying in a war or drowning in water/the ocean, or being completely shamed and humiliated, falling off the pedestal we may have egotistically thought ourselves to be on.
Max Stirner's chapter focuses on loving egotistically. Kierkegaard's chapter is on loving aesthetically.
As a child he is moody, needlessly deceitful, and cruel towards his friends, egotistically oedipal towards his father, violent, and self-despising:
As she, Eunice Park, emotionally and financially destroys the protagonist, Lenny Abramov, Shteyngart drives the plot through national and global apocalypse and personal and political tragedy that was always already all about 'him.' As the cultured, bookish, egotistically self-hating Lenny lives out his three-point plan to seduce Eunice using a Chekhov novella as his guide, the shallowness of Eunice's world--all social networking, personal rating, credit ranking and clothes buying--is laid bare, just as she is, first through her obsession with revealing underwear and then through the peeling away of her onionskin jeans with their 'rigid, empty skins' (Super Sad, p207).