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 (ĭ-grē′jəs, -jē-əs)
Conspicuously bad or offensive. See Synonyms at flagrant.

[From Latin ēgregius, outstanding : ē-, ex-, ex- + grex, greg-, herd; see ger- in Indo-European roots.]

e·gre′gious·ly adv.
e·gre′gious·ness n.
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These, it is true, played the fool, like my friend Garrick, in jest only; but several eminent characters have, in numberless instances of their lives, played the fool egregiously in earnest; so far as to render it a matter of some doubt whether their wisdom or folly was predominant; or whether they were better intitled to the applause or censure, the admiration or contempt, the love or hatred, of mankind.
Sir,' said he to the Scotchman, 'in doubting my statements, you have grossly affronted me; in believing the thing to be impossible, you have been egregiously mistaken; and, in proof thereof, you will now eat this beef-steak raw, or you will give me instant satisfaction
To me your uncle seems merely quixotic and egregiously selfish.
And he is so condescending to the son he so egregiously deludes that you might suppose him the most virtuous of parents.
Pennsylvania joins Wisconsin, Texas and North Carolina as states that are in various stages of having their egregiously gerrymandered, Republican-drawn, congressional districts challenged in local courts.
The Senators letter follows multiple reports of contracts awarded to egregiously underqualified companies, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars wasted while Puerto Ricans continue to suffer without electricity, food, or proper housing.
Both egregiously mistaken in their belief consider themselves the sole custodians of Pakistan's territorial and ideological frontiers.
In light of a 2014 Supreme Court ruling striking down a provision in the Ombudsman Act that allows the Office of the President to take disciplinary action against her deputies, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales said that order egregiously violated the independence of the Office of the Ombudsman guaranteed by the Constitution.
The egregiously overlooked' Sometimes a refusal is about pride, and solidarity.
Nelson Agosto, 51, called 911 to report that he did not want to pay for portions that he felt were egregiously small at a restaurant in Stuart, Florida, (http://www.
Power cutoff would egregiously impact on municipal services and disrupt wastewater treatment stations, thus posing health and environment hazards, he said.
All this cynicism is bad enough but is compounded egregiously by the complicity of the media pundits and commentators who don't just turn a blind eye to all the cheating contortionists but actively encourage it.