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Of, relating to, or marked by extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall of visual images.

[German eidetisch, from Greek eidos, form; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]

ei·det′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Psychology) (of visual, or sometimes auditory, images) exceptionally vivid and allowing detailed recall of something previously perceived: thought to be common in children
2. (Psychology) relating to or subject to such imagery
[C20: from Greek eidētikos, from eidos shape, form]
eiˈdetically adv


(aɪˈdɛt ɪk)

pertaining to or constituting visual impressions recalled vividly and readily reproducible with great accuracy: eidetic imagery.
[1920–25; < Greek eidētikós, derivative of eîd(os) form, shape]
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Adj.1.eidetic - of visual imagery of almost photographic accuracy
representational - (used especially of art) depicting objects, figures,or scenes as seen; "representational art"; "representational images"


[aɪˈdetɪk] ADJ [memory, vision] → eidético


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The subject "E" was tested for potential eidetic ability by viewing the two different "companion" random-dot fields, each one sequentially and independently, with durations of separate viewing of 24 and 4 hours, respectively.
Misdiagnosis is mostly due to the nonspecificity of the presentations as there may be merely repeated adduction of thighs or episodes of staring, shaking, or eidetic imagery or unvocalized speech with imagery individuals.
Multivariate analysis is by far the greatest strength of AI, because it allows the kind of contextual decision-making intelligence used in systems like the human mind, while also drawing from the eidetic memory of a hard disk.
She has to be homeschooled because of various phobias but has eidetic memory and borders on genius.
Elena Martinez has hidden her eidetic memory all her life--or so she thinks.
The team must become something greater than the sum of its parts, in the form of a so-crazy-it-just-might-work solution that involves human-computer brain matter exchange and eidetic induction therapy merging the crew's individual memories into a single consciousness to power the ship safely home.
Suez: a flan a cat elicited I erode; moody, doomed or eidetic, I let a canal faze us.
727) introduces to the older techniques the newly popular practices of visualization, or the mental eidetic contemplation of the deity.
President Ashraf Ghani has to understand this eidetic reality.
Talvet's poems synthesize intellectualism and sensualism, conceptuality and eidetic mental impressions, satire and suave contemplation.
Psychiatrist Eric Berne calls this ability "eidetic perception," (4) referring to the capacity to see and hear with vividness and clarity, and believes it is a crucial ability to develop or recapture.