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Adj.1.eighty-fifth - the ordinal number of eighty-five in counting ordereighty-fifth - the ordinal number of eighty-five in counting order
ordinal - being or denoting a numerical order in a series; "ordinal numbers"; "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
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Here they met with Daniel Boone, the renowned patriarch of Kentucky, who had kept in the advance of civilization, and on the borders of the wilderness, still leading a hunter's life, though now in his eighty-fifth year.
A series of choir music concerts with works by the "father" of Estonian folk song transcriptions, Veljo Tormis was called "Tormis Across the Land" celebrating the composer's eighty-fifth birthday.
This marks the eighty-fifth year of publication of The Appraisal Journal, and the members of the Journal's Editorial Board, Review Panel, and Academic Review Panel remain committed to its continuation as a premier forum for information and ideas on the practice and theory of valuation and analyses of real estate and related interests.
On his eighty-fifth birthday in May 2014, his former students and associates had celebrated him with the public presentation of a 558-page Festschrift cum biography entitled J.
The mysteries of that young boy's new home are carried over throughout Montague's later poems into even stranger adult worlds of separation and betrayal, but as he celebrates his eighty-fifth birthday, in 2014, Montague has yet to lose his fascination with the past, whether it is that of his own experience or the many cultural contexts within which he has played a major part.
This is part two to eminent and pioneering translator Denys Johnson-Davies' reflections on Tayeb Salih,after the passing of would've been Tayeb Salih's eighty-fifth birthday .
The volume under review continues the successful editorial and publishing collaboration, offering a selection of essays written during the next five years and brought together in time to mark the author's eighty-fifth birthday.
On standardized tests, a home-educated high school student ranks thirty-five points higher in reading (or at the eighty-fifth percentile) than the average Canadian student.
This is a drop of 10 ranks on the scale, compared to last year, to come in at the eighty-fifth place out of 140 countries on the 2013 index, coming behind Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Philippines, respectively.
We also kicked off another fundraising campaign with our eighty-fifth reunion celebration in August 2011.
With the current issue of WLT, as we launch our eighty-fifth year of continuous publication, that ban has been lifted completely, as science comes to the fore in the special section beginning on page 28, guest edited by poet and cognitive scientist Pireeni Sundaralingam.
in celebration of Robert Frost's eighty-fifth birthday.