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Adj.1.eighty-nine - being nine more than eightyeighty-nine - being nine more than eighty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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She was eighty-nine if she was a day, and tries to pass upon us now, for ten year younger.
Contract notice: Supply of eighty-nine work stations for radiological diagnosis to various centers of the Aragonese health service.
With this acquisition, UMH owns eighty-nine communities consisting of approximately 15,200 developed homesites, it said.
ISLAMABAD -- Five hydel power projects with a capacity to produce five thousand seven hundred eighty-nine megawatts electricity would be completed by 2018.
Eighty-nine lots in North Little Rock's Cypress Crossing project are backing a $2.
Eighty-nine percent of 10th-graders in the district's high schools passed the English portion of the test and 88 percent passed the math portion.
About halfway through the film, there is particularly sweet footage of Marc Platt performing a character role with the Marin Dance Theater at age eighty-nine.
Eighty-nine percent of respondents listed it as either their leading (64 percent) or their second-leading (25 percent) challenge.
My mother eventually taught for over sixty-five years, reluctantly retiring from her reading clinic at the age of eighty-nine after she broke a second hip.
Eighty-nine is Daiei Hawks manager Sadaharu Oh's uniform number.
Eighty-nine percent of persons ages 45 to 64 lack such insurance, as do 77 percent of those age 65 or older.
Eighty-nine men are on trial in Equatorial Guinea and Zimbabwe for the alleged conspiracy.