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Adj.1.eighty-three - being three more than eightyeighty-three - being three more than eighty  
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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"It struck me on Arthur's birthday that the old man was a little shaken: he's eighty-three, you know.
But it is really too hard upon human nature that it should be held a criminal offence to imagine the death even of the king when he is turned eighty-three. It is not to be believed that any but the dullest Britons can be good subjects under that hard condition.
The whole number of persons collected at Grand Pre finally amounted to four hundred and eighty-three men, and three hundred and thirty-seven women, heads of families; and their sons and daughters, to five hundred and twenty-seven of the former, and five hundred and seventy-six of the latter; making in the whole one thousand nine hundred and twenty-three souls.
We have been in this place nearly eighty-three hours."
Young John drew tears from his eyes by finishing the picture with a tombstone in the adjoining churchyard, close against the prison wall, bearing the following touching inscription: 'Sacred to the Memory Of JOHN CHIVERY, Sixty years Turnkey, and fifty years Head Turnkey, Of the neighbouring Marshalsea, Who departed this life, universally respected, on the thirty-first of December, One thousand eight hundred and eighty- six, Aged eighty-three years.
He died quietly in 1892, at the age of eighty-three, and was buried in Westminster Abbey beside Browning, who had found a resting-place there three years earlier.
Summary: Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], Aug 22 (ANI): The North-Western (NW) Railways collected Rs three lakh eighty-three thousand in fines from passengers during a one-day ticket-checking campaign.
Eighty-three candidates are contesting election from the platform of different political parties while two hundred and one are independents.
Mohmand dam is being constructed on Swat River and it will be completed at a cost of over one hundred and eighty-three billion rupees by 2024.
Similarly, two hundred and eighty-three km roads and infrastructure is being developed in Malakand division to promote tourism in the province.
The court granted another two month's period to one hundred and eighty-three remaining loan defaulters to clear their cases under the same package.
These include fifty-four civil and four hundred and eighty-three fishermen.