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Noun1.eimeria - parasitic on the digestive epithelium of vertebrates and higher invertebrates
sporozoan - parasitic spore-forming protozoan
Coccidia, order Coccidia - an order in the subclass Telosporidia
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Eimeria Akhtar of Punjab Group School for Girls Vehari took the second position by obtaining 1,088 marks while Tania Ijaz from Khalid Bin Waleed Girls High School Kabirwala and Zara Javed from Nishtar Girls High School Police Line Road Multan took third position by getting 1,087 marks each.
La coccidiosis es una enfermedad parasitaria causada por un protozoario cosmopolita de la familia Eimeriidae, genero Eimeria (18).
The disease is caused by the Eimeria species, such as Eimeria necatrix, E.
Other infections like Eimeria tenella showed similar adverse effects.
Effect of dietary supplementation with oregano essential oil on performance of broilers after experimental infection with Eimeria tenella.
Five parasitic species, two nematodes, one trematode, and two protozoa (Coccidian), were found in sable feces, and they are Capillaria sp., Baylisascaris devosi, Echinochasmus sp., and two different Coccidian species (each of them maybe Eimeria sp.
Endoparasites found in animals in the present study are mostly reported to cause subclinical infections in dormice, with Eimeria spp.
Among intestinal protozoans, beside Eimeria and Balantidium coli, Cryptosporidium has been identified as an emerging pathogens in both domestic and wild animals and its potential for being zoonotic in nature (Soulsby, 1982).
In feces from over half of birds, we found coccidian oocysts with mitochondrial gene sequences identical to those of Eimeria gruis and Eimeria reichenowi previously obtained from sympatric whooping cranes (Grus americana).