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Ejected matter, as that from an erupting volcano.

[New Latin ēiecta, from neuter pl. of Latin ēiectus, past participle of ēicere, to throw out; see eject.]
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(ɪˈdʒɛktə) or


pl n
(Geological Science) matter thrown out of a crater by an erupting volcano or during a meteorite impact
[C19: Latin, literally: (things) ejected; see eject]
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(ɪˈdʒɛk tə)

n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.)
matter ejected, as from an erupting volcano.
[1885–90; < Latin ējectus. See eject]
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pl (Geol, Astrol) → Auswurf m; (of vulcano)ausgeschleuderte Materie
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Instead, the asteroid caused fragments of rock, known as ejecta, to be thrown into the ocean.
A different chemical composition was found for the early expanding supernova when compared with the more iron-rich later ejecta. The team concluded that just hours after the onset the ejecta is coming from the interior, from a hot cocoon created by the jet.
But much of the roughness of Terra Laboris consists of ejecta from the formation of these two undeformed impact craters.
" The institute also asked the Civil Aviation authorities to advise its pilots to avoid flying close to the volcano's summit as it may emit ejecta from phreatic eruption that can be hazardous to aircraft.
Civil aviation authorities must also advise pilots to avoid flying close to the volcano's summit as ejecta from any sudden phreatic eruption can be hazardous to aircraft.
The purpose of this paper is to model the asteroid impact effects that could be registered in the geological record of the Vichada structure and surrounds to guide a fieldwork searching for evidences of thermal radiation, seismic shaking, and air blast and ejecta effects that could confirm the probable asteroid impact origin of the Vichada Structure and to classify it as a proven asteroid crater.
A second site, seven kilometres away, proved to be a two-metre-thick layer of ejecta - material ejected from a crater - with the same strange mineralogy.
They figured out that the material was part of the ejecta of a meteorite impact - the stuff that was thrown outward when the space rock slammed into the Earth's surface - and that the collision could have been linked to volcanic activity that occurred soon afterward in the area.
A BYOB event for your [euro]27.50 you get to see the likes of Ejecta, Foals (DJ set), Barry Redsetta, Zombie Nation, Perc and a host of others.
Microbial analysis of Indian flying fox, Pteropus giganteus ejecta roosting at Jinnah and Lalazar Gardens, Lahore was carried out from January, through December, 2011 and a total of twelve fungal and twelve bacterial genera were isolated.
The line velocities of two specific transitions (Si ii [lambda]6355 and Fe ii [lambda]5169; Figure 6) indicate that near maximum light the ejecta that contain these elements move at velocities of order 20,000-40,000 km [s.sup.-1] (Fe ii [lambda]5169) and about 15,000-25,000 km [s.sup.-1] (Si ii [lambda]6355).