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v. e·ject·ed, e·ject·ing, e·jects
1. To throw out forcefully; expel: The burning house ejected yellow flames into the night sky.
a. To compel to leave: ejected the bar patron who started a fight.
b. To evict: ejected tenants for lease violations.
3. Sports To disqualify or force (a player or coach) to leave the playing area for the remainder of a game.
a. To cause a device to push (something) out: I ejected the DVD from the player using the remote control.
b. To push (something) out: The console ejected the video game.
To make an emergency exit from an aircraft by deployment of an ejection seat or capsule.

[Middle English ejecten, from Latin ēicere, ēiect- : ē-, ex-, ex- + iacere, to throw; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

e·ject′a·ble adj.
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capable of being ejected
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There is a lot of discussion in our industry about how to determine cycle time, but I maintain that it is fundamentally about how rapidly the material being molded can achieve an ejectable modulus.
The power button will be on the right side along with the ejectable SIM tray, while the volume and silent buttons will be located on the left side of the phone.
De toutes les facons, Aziz Amri serait, lui aussi, sur une chaise ejectable si jamais les resultats escomptes ne l'accompagnent pas...
Oh, and it even comes with an ejectable battery so she can charge her phone on the go.
In military aircrafts such as fighter jets, pyrotechnic fasteners (explosive bolts) are used to secure ejectable canopies, these type of aerospace fasteners are called specialty fasteners and specialty fasteners have relatively limited application than general purpose fasteners.
The flat sides host the volume rocker keys, power key and a customisable speed key on the right, while the left has an ejectable dual SIM slot.
Two aircraft dedicated to IPC's cloud seeding program release AgI using burn-in-place flares (releases 16.2 g of AgI in 3.5 minutes) and aircraft ejectable flares (releases 2.2 g of AgI over 35 seconds).
Sur un siege ejectable apres l'elimination en Coupe d'Algerie, jeudi dernier, contre le Paradou AC, l'entraineur de l'USMA, Miloud Hamdi, aura reussi a gagner du sursis.
8,322,263 describes the function of its hand-held explosive laser gun this way: "A laser weapon system includes a chamber configured to direct a post-detonation gas flow between a first mirror and a second mirror, and an ejectable ammunition cartridge containing a first gas and a second gas.