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eke 1

tr.v. eked, ek·ing, ekes
1. To supplement with great effort. Used with out: eked out an income by working two jobs.
2. To get with great effort or strain. Used with out: eke out a bare existence from farming in an arid area.
3. To make (a supply) last by practicing strict economy. Used with out.

[Middle English eken, to increase, from Old English ēcan; see aug- in Indo-European roots.]

eke 2

adv. Archaic

[Middle English, from Old English ēac, ēc.]
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Oct 25 (ANI): Despite eking out a stalemate from China PR on October 13, the Indian men's football ranking is unfazed, as it continues to be placed at the 97th spot in the latest rankings released by Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).
Written in a combination of Afrikaans, local dialect, and South African English, Thirteen Cents is the disturbing story of Azure, an orphaned child eking out an existence on the brutal backstreets of Cape Town.
I was taken aback when Duardo told me that Eking had joined the Huks.
This is a story about breadline Britain and the eking out of an existence for millions of pensioners.'
This world's first e-notepad, named EKING S700, was developed and launched by China Shenzhen Guangxuntong Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Turning to her own state, she describes eking evidence from items such as eyeglass frames and bone fragments to convict murderers who have dumped bodies in rural areas.
(But his lawyers say the "emir with blue eyes" is a young, hapless Frenchman, the victim of a deeply flawed judicial system, guilty of nothing more than converting to Islam and eking out a living selling used cars from his home in Tangiers).
Local shops, barely eking out an existence during the off-season, did brisk business selling T-shirts, salt and pepper shakers, and other Made in Japan gewgaws embossed with "Souvenir of Lake ..."
She was bright and ready to make the most of what our country has to offer, but eking out a living was difficult at minimum-wage jobs.
Although he eked out a dubious four-vote majority in the electoral college after eking out a dubious one-vote majority on the Supreme Court, he lost the national election by more than a half-million votes.
Neighbours thought Kathleen Hoare survived by eking out her pension.
He had been born in a large Catholic family and grew up in Wyoming and had spent most of his life in Denver, eking together a living as a composer and lyricist for children's theatre and working in the school system teaching creative dramatics.