el cheapo

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el cheap•o

(ˌɛl ˈtʃi poʊ)
Slang. a stingy person.
[var of cheapo]
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8: Captains meeting for El Cheapo Sheepshead Tourney, May-port Clubhouse
Have you got the real thing or the el cheapo lookalike?
But being the "El Cheapo" that I am, I decided to accept the free ball pens; after all, she was giving away not just one but two of them.
All he wants to promote is El Cheapo City TV stations.
All he wants to promote is "El cheapo city TV stations".
I care about you, knucklehead!" and, "Now stay outta my first aid supplies!" Don't confuse AMK's gear with el cheapo kits.
One admires the logic of the designers of el cheapo plastic skin and rod gazebos, or of cardboard plates which now have a shiny plasticity; more plastic than our plastic dreams (jump) ...
When Rickey arrived in Brooklyn, writer Jimmy Powers launched his "El Cheapo" campaign--an effort to expose Rickey as a hypocrite.
Add a couple of bottles of El Cheapo Plonko De Aldi, and I was all set.
YOU can give the January sales a miss this year - it's just as easy to save a fortune and a lot of heartache by buying the el cheapo alternative to that fancy top-of-the range model.