elastic bandage

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Noun1.elastic bandage - a bandage containing stretchable material that can apply local pressure
bandage, patch - a piece of soft material that covers and protects an injured part of the body
Elastoplast - an elastic adhesive bandage for covering cuts or wounds
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Contract awarded for Bandage, Cotton wool, Sterile gloves, Surgical gloves, Cotton wool sticks, Elastic bandage, Adhesive plaster, Gauze pads, Sterile napkins, Pc systems
In the last few years, I've gone over on my ankle at a wedding (bought an elastic bandage), stumbled while doing the slosh at a party, tearing ligaments in my foot (bought an elastic bandage), lost my balance and face-planked on top of my handbag in the middle of the street (bought an elastic bandage, a box of plasters, replacements for the smashed contents of bag including make up, a bottle of Chanel perfume, a new mobile phone and a tape measure.
In this study, we aimed to compare two treatment modalities: splint and elastic bandage for the management of acute ankle sprains.
A neoprene support or elastic bandage can promote recovery and reduce swelling.
Use icepacks to decrease swelling and a compressing elastic bandage to prevent heel movement.
Elevate the forearm, apply ice after wrapping the arm in a compressive dressing such as elastic bandage.
Try It Chop up a few cold lettuce leaves, apply to the sprained area, and wrap loosely in an elastic bandage.
Each participant completed two exercise trials, one with and one without wearing an elastic bandage.
3' 6510-01-503-2117 1 Impregnated gauze bandage, 3" x 12' 6510-01-562-3325 1 Elastic bandage kit 6510-01-492-2275 1 Nonpneumatic combat tourniquet 6515-01-521-7976 1 Patient examining glove, XLG 6515-01-525-1975 6
Leg elevation and an elastic bandage were recommended to the patient as treatment.
Apply light compression with an elastic bandage, making sure not to wrap your ankle too tightly and gradually wrapping the bandage more loosely as you go up your leg.
It's very difficult to treat but she should be referred to a physiotherapist and be fitted for a tight elastic bandage to wear at night.