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a. Easily resuming original size or shape after being stretched or otherwise deformed; flexible. See Synonyms at flexible.
b. Relating to a collision in which the total kinetic energy is conserved.
2. Quick to recover, as from disappointment; resilient: an elastic spirit.
3. Capable of being adapted to change or a variety of circumstances: "To say that morale is a highly unscientific and quite elastic concept would be an understatement" (Roger J. Spiller).
4. Economics Of, relating to, or being a good for which changes in price have a large effect on the quantity demanded or supplied.
a. A flexible stretchable fabric made with interwoven strands of rubber or an imitative synthetic fiber.
b. An object made of this fabric.
2. A rubber band.

[New Latin elasticus, from Late Greek elastos, beaten, ductile, variant of Greek elatos, from elaunein, to beat out.]

e·las′ti·cal·ly adv.
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I left him in the act of bounding elastically out of the bed into which I had tucked him; but, as I took the precaution of turning the key in the door behind me, I retired to my own room, assured of his safe custody till the morning, and free to draw undisturbed conclusions from the scene I had just witnessed.
With a comprehensive set of products and innovative solutions coupled with over a decade in the industry, Benu Networks delivers solutions to instantly transform legacy access networks, elastically manage services, and carve the path to 5G.
"Oracle Autonomous Database enables companies like JASCI to grow their platform, handle trillions of transactions, and scale elastically to accommodate peak processing demands without downtime."
Drawing empirical evidence from native speakers of American English and from Chinese and Vietnamese learners of English, they compare how the two groups use some elastically for strategic purposes.
It scales elastically across multiple storage systems and supports highly fluid containerised environments that can quickly expand to thousands of containers.
Usually, 'distributed' testnet systems, and the tools to manage them, operate in simulated, small, local contexts, posing a problem for enterprises and protocol developers who should require decentralized networks to be scaled elastically through a security hardened service to actually test how the distributed systems they have built will perform a larger, global networking scale.
The ECB's response was to lower its main refinancing rate to the then record low of 1% in May 2009, to expand the range of eligible collateral for our refinancing operations and to provide liquidity elastically to the banking sector, at both increasingly long durations and against a wider range of collateral.
Elastically mounted pump and water equipment is more cost-effective and efficient in the long term.
The unique modularity of Avid NEXIS enables teams to mix and match storage engines and elastically scale capacity from as little as 20 TB to over 1.4 PB in a single system, without any interruption in service or down time.