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A protein similar to collagen that is the principal structural component of elastic fibers.


(Biochemistry) biochem a fibrous scleroprotein constituting the major part of elastic tissue, such as the walls of arteries
[C19: from elastic + -in]


(ɪˈlæs tɪn)

a protein constituting the basic substance of elastic tissue.
[1870–75; elast (ic) + -in1]
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Noun1.elastin - a fibrous scleroprotein found in elastic tissues such as the walls of arteries
elastic tissue - connective tissue consisting chiefly of elastic fibers found in the dermis of the skin and in the walls of veins and arteries and in some tendons and ligaments
albuminoid, scleroprotein - a simple protein found in horny and cartilaginous tissues and in the lens of the eye
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When the macrophages are finished cleaning up damaged ligaments, fibroblasts, cells that produce collagen and elasticin, rebuild the ligaments.