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Made with strands or inserts of elastic: slacks with an elasticized waistband.
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Adj.1.elasticized - made with strands or inserts of elastic; "slacks with an elasticized waistband"
elastic - capable of resuming original shape after stretching or compression; springy; "an elastic band"; "a youthful and elastic walk"
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This leather slipper has breathable stretch jersey lining, flattened elongated pleats and an elasticized center seam that hugs the foot's arch.
12Mm Thickness, Jacket Attached Hood With Draw String Closure, Two Pockets With Flap Ona The Front Chest Fastened By Plastic Zipper With Single Flap Cover, Waist Adjusted By Elasticized Waist Band Velcro Fasteners At Sleeve Cuffs And Trouser Bottom, High Visibility Reflective Tape On Back For Safety At Night, Packing: Pouch.
In 2003, Fadis launched an important technological innovation, the FAPP(tm) (Fadis Precision Package), a new technology which is able to satisfy most precise requirements of elasticized yarn dyeing.
Totengco also has his take on the outfit du jour, the bomber jacket, by eschewing the elasticized cuffs and waist band.
The six-time Tony nominee created more 120 costumes including wool melton uniforms with stretch riding breeches for the men and fully boned corseted silk taffeta looks with elasticized panels for the women.
The new flannel sheet sets come with a flat sheet, a fully elasticized fitted sheet and one pillowcase cover.
Since then, Target and 7-Eleven made room on their shelves for the elasticized customizable shoelaces that transform sneakers into a slip-on shoe.
The iDefense safely secures a medium- or large-framed firearm and spare ammo with an elasticized nylon holster hidden within a lockable zipped compartment.
It can have a zipper, drawstring or elasticized waistband, but people usually wear it by putting one leg in and then, the next leg after.
There is a generous 39-inch back-drop and a removable, elasticized detachable strap that keeps the cover securely in place.
In the front you will find a box-call pouch, a divided slate-call pouch that can hold two calls, a triple striker pouch and an elasticized mesh pocket for diaphragm calls.
Self-dressing means settling for wide-neck tops over long pants held up by elasticized waist bands.