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Made with strands or inserts of elastic: slacks with an elasticized waistband.
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Adj.1.elasticized - made with strands or inserts of elastic; "slacks with an elasticized waistband"
elastic - capable of resuming original shape after stretching or compression; springy; "an elastic band"; "a youthful and elastic walk"
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Universal SureWrap nozzles accurately apply hot melt adhesive to elastic strands used for elasticized legs, leg cuffs and waistbands on baby diapers, training pants and adult incontinence products.
4" laptop and secures with an elasticized Velcro tab closure.
The dancers crisscross the stage stretching and pulling elasticized bands, secured offstage, into a cat's cradle of possibilities, and
Long pants are often clinging, elasticized and hipster style, somewhat low at the waist, then flared at the hemline.
In response, the company developed a one-piece, semifitted slipcover that has a self-enclosing elasticized pocket to fit the seat cushions.
The elasticized end stays in place all night, keeping sleepers' feet from becoming uncovered and cold.
This patent is for a thermoplastic elasticized clamp with a sealing lip which is installed at the end of the filter against the housing to seal it.
The lanyard has two elasticized webbing branches with self-locking carabiners at each end.
95) is made from rugged suede pigskin; has an extra-long cuff to protect the wrist and forearm from thorns and other scratchy material; is elasticized at the base of the hand to prevent dirt--or, for that matter, crawly creatures--from getting into it; and can be washed in mild detergent at the end of the day so it will be clean the next time it's needed.
Cover the entire hairdo with an elasticized hairnet, tightening the net to make a neat and almost invisible covering.
Sure Fit has a product that addresses all three problems: a new elasticized slipcover which is easy to put on, stays in place and has some shape to it.
The typical TheraTogs system consists of two undergarments -- a sleeveless, foam-lined TankTop and a Hipster with two thigh cuffs -- and an assortment of elasticized straps of different widths, shapes and calibers of stiffness.