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Exultantly proud and joyful.

e·lat′ed·ly adv.
e·lat′ed·ness n.
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Had I been prepared to converse with her, I should have said elatedly that, had she known what he wanted, still she could not have done it, though she had practised for twenty years.
Then in a loud voice, and bowing low, "My Lord Duke," said the physician elatedly, "I have the honour to inform your excellency that your grace is in love."
Anderson elatedly welcomes new full-time team member, Zach Byers, solely dedicated to wine service.
Mr Green's liking for the foreign popular language was so much so that when he announced the birth of his daughters, he elatedly stated 'the two are daughters; both of them girls'.
It may have appeared that in March 2016, when Trump elatedly announced his intentions to relocate his country's embassy to Jerusalem, he spoke like every American politician would: making lofty promises that cannot be kept.
The end of the novel therefore constitutes a clever tour de force: in her conversations with Suzanne, Josie elatedly realizes that, in getting out of hospital, she is going to "live", "a novel idea" to her (229).
In Petit traite de poesie francaise (1872), de Banville's analysis of Victor Hugo's Le regiment du baron Madruce leads him to conclude elatedly, "Remarquez comme, au point de vue de la pensee et au point de vue du son, tous les mots intermediaires ont ete rigoureusement enfantes par les mots places a la rime!" (26) In other words, in the verse line, rhyme has priority and generates the line, which exists mainly to serve the rhyme, rather than vice versa as traditionally assumed.
Although the pair did not reveal the status of their relationship, Sarasola's friends, including actor Jake Cuenca, elatedly congratulated the pair.
In 1983, Ronald Reagan asked elatedly on the announcement of strategic defense initiative "What if free people could live secure in the knowledge that their security did not rest upon the threat of instant U.