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1. An elaterid beetle.
2. Botany A tiny elongated structure that forces the dispersal of spores by the absorption of moisture. It is either a band attached to the spore, as in horsetails, or a filament occurring among the spores, as in liverworts.

[Greek elatēr, driver, from elaunein, to drive.]
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1. (Animals) an elaterid beetle
2. (Botany) botany a spirally thickened filament, occurring in liverwort capsules and horsetails, thought to aid dispersal of spores
[C17: via New Latin from Greek: driver, from elaunein to beat, drive; compare elastic]
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(ˈɛl ə tər)

1. Bot. an elastic filament serving to disperse spores.
[1645–55; < New Latin < Greek elatḗr driver]
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Noun1.elater - any of various widely distributed beetleselater - any of various widely distributed beetles
beetle - insect having biting mouthparts and front wings modified to form horny covers overlying the membranous rear wings
Elateridae, family Elateridae - click beetles and certain fireflies
click beetle, snapping beetle, skipjack - able to right itself when on its back by flipping into the air with a clicking sound
fire beetle, firefly, Pyrophorus noctiluca - tropical American click beetle having bright luminous spots
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When we were at Bahia, an elater or beetle (Pyrophorus luminosus, Illig.) seemed the most common luminous insect.
It is remarkable that in all the different kinds of glowworms, shining elaters, and various marine animals (such as the crustacea, medusae, nereidae, a coralline of the genus Clytia, and Pyrosma), which I have observed, the light has been of a well-marked green colour.
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The neotropical species presently assigned to Crigmus LeConte, Diplostethus Schwarz, Elater L., Ludius Berthold, Probothrium Candeze, and some ofwhich were formerly assigned to Mulsanteus Gozis or Neotrichophorus Jacobson, require review and reassignment at the genus level.
Alaus oculatus, the eyed elater, a large and charismatic species of click beetle.
Present study aimed to address molecular diversities of the small five-toed jerboa Allactaga elater Lichtenstein, 1825, and the Toussi jerboa Allactaga toussi Darvish et al., 2008, in marginal geographic distribution of the genus in Iran.
Stomach contents analyses have documented the remains of carabid, elater, bupestrid, and other beetles, and bark-clinging moths (Smith 1908, Westcott 1969), and reptiles (Contreras-Balderas & Trevino-Saldana 1987).
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