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tr.v. e·lat·ed, e·lat·ing, e·lates
To fill with great joy or happiness; delight: We were elated by the good news.

[From Latin ēlātus, past participle of efferre, to bring out, exalt : ē-, ex-, ex- + lātus, brought; see telə- in Indo-European roots.]

e·la′tion n.
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Adj.1.elating - making lively and joyful
exciting - creating or arousing excitement; "an exciting account of her trip"
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System allows an engineer to monitor precisely how force is disbursed between any two contacting or elating surfaces in real-time while the event occurs.
Though HILAT is still at work, its auroral sensor stopped functioning after only 18 days on the job, but not before elating researchers with the quality of its images (SN: 9/24/83, p.