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Of, relating to, or being the grammatical case indicating motion out of a place in some languages, as in Finnish hotellista, "out of the hotel."
1. The elative case.
2. A word or form in the elative case.

[New Latin ēlātīvus : from Latin ēlātus, past participle of efferre, to bring out; see elate + -ive.]


(Grammar) (in the grammar of Finnish and other languages) denoting a case of nouns expressing a relation of motion or direction, usually translated by the English prepositions out of or away from. Compare illative3
a. the elative case
b. an elative word or speech element
[C19: from Latin ēlātus, past participle of efferre to carry out; see elate]
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In the last two years, an elderly elative has been in and out of Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock and has been cared for in the renal and stroke units.
We used isobaric tags for elative and absolute quantitation and Western blotting to identify altered proteins after SXSM treatment.
Bogs Obuyes, also a former staff has P24 million (Dh2 million), and the latter's elative, Marrel Obuyes has P2.
The only augmentative suffix is the so-called elative or absolute superlative suffix -tatos.
L a Chambre des representants, reunie mercredi en seance pleniere, a adopte en seconde lecture a l'unanimite la Loi Nu 107-12 modifiant et completant la Loi Nu 44-00 r elative aux immeubles en l'etat futur d'achevement completant le Dahir du 9 Ramadan 1331 (12 aout 1913) formant code des Obligations et des contrats.
Selon lui, les question elative a la classification des professeurs de l'enseignement secondaire et des professeurs des lycees techniques [beaucoup moins que] ne peut etre etudiee que par l'Executif [beaucoup plus grand que].
Each martyr's elative or a person with a disability is granted 18,000 afs to 22,000 afs annually by the department, she concluded.
P]erformance is not just a reflection or display of social reality, but actually produces reality in the performantive encounter of two ontologies merged in the elative moment" (Filewod 59).
Abbreviations Abbreviation Explanation 1 1st person 2 2nd person 3 3rd person ADJ adjectiviser ADV adverbiliser CAR caritive CONJ conjunctive DEF definite DIM diminutive ELA elative ENCL enclitic FREQ frequentative GEN genitive ILL illative INE inessive INF infinitive IMP imperative LAT lative NEG negative NOM nominaliser PASS passive PL plural PST past PTCP participle REFL reflexive SG singular TRA translative
The relation between kaupungissa and the elative kaupungista 'from the city' can be analyzed as exhibiting suppletion of a directional component (-sa [right arrow] -ta).