El Dorado

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El Do·ra·do 1

 (də-rä′dō, -rā′-)
A legendary city or historical region of the New World, often thought to be in South America, that was fabled for its great wealth of gold and precious jewels and eagerly sought by 16th- and 17th-century explorers, including Sir Walter Raleigh.

El Do·ra·do 2

 (də-rä′dō, -rā′-)
A place of fabulous wealth or inordinately great opportunity.

[After El Dorado1.]

El Dorado

(ɛl dɒˈrɑːdəʊ; Spanish ɛl doˈraðo)
1. (European Myth & Legend) a fabled city in South America, rich in treasure and sought by Spanish explorers in the 16th century
2. Also: eldorado any place of great riches or fabulous opportunity
[C16: from Spanish, literally: the gilded (place)]

El Do•ra•do

(ˌɛl dəˈrɑ doʊ, -ˈreɪ-)
1. a legendary city of South America sought by the early Spanish explorers for its treasure, esp. gold.
2. any place offering great wealth.

El Dorado

- A place offering fabulous wealth or opportunity (after the legendary place in South America, "the gilded one").
See also related terms for opportunity.
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Noun1.El Dorado - an imaginary place of great wealth and opportunityEl Dorado - an imaginary place of great wealth and opportunity; sought in South America by 16th-century explorers
fictitious place, imaginary place, mythical place - a place that exists only in imagination; a place said to exist in fictional or religious writings

El Dorado

, eldorado
n pl <-dos> → (El)dorado nt, → Paradies nt (fig)
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