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intr.v. e·lec·tion·eered, e·lec·tion·eer·ing, e·lec·tion·eers
To work actively for a candidate or political party.

e·lec′tion·eer′er n.
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The last completed cantos are a ferocious satire on Regency England, unsurpassed except by Dickens (who must surely have known the poem) in Bleak House: Lord Henry was a great electioneerer, Burrowing for boroughs like a rat or rabbit.
"The citizens who conducted the endorsement form should go himself to the election campaign headquarters to handed it the electioneerers," he said, adding that a total of 915,000 endorsement forms have been submitted to the campaigners so far.
Representatives of Taliban have expressed their intention to use all the strength to disrupt the election campaign, including by attacks on organizers and electioneerers.