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1. Of or relating to a selection by vote.
2. Filled or obtained by election: elective office.
3. Having the power or authority to elect; electoral.
4. Permitting or involving a choice; optional: elective surgery.
An optional academic course or subject.

e·lec′tive·ly adv.
e·lec′tive·ness n.
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He said khat writing can be introduced electively, as part of the co-curriculum.
Department of Health and Human Services banned the National Institutes of Health from using human fetal stem cells from electively aborted babies for government-funded research June 5.
Out of the 30 cases of AL, majority were operated in Emergency (80%) setting and only 6 cases (20%) who developed AL were operated electively.
In our series, cCP stent was used electively in all patients.
A retrospective review of 340 adult patients admitted both emergently and electively to the Mayo Clinic Florida, an academic tertiary care hospital, was conducted between February 2014 and February 2015.
As such the trainer took the correct course of action in ensuring the horse was electively tested prior to the race.
Patient preferred excision and after securing informed consent and operation was conducted electively under regional anesthesia.
Seven patients described in the article were electively implanted with the Reducer in 2005.
In Kirklees the highest number of electively home-educated children is in the Key Stage 4 cohort.
ONE OF THE oldest and most heated intra-libertarian disputes is over the ability to electively end a pregnancy.
Figures show there are around 2,000 electively home educated children in Wales, although figures could be higher as parents do not have to register them.
While I have the ability - while I have a vocabulary that you do and I have the ability to physically produce spoken words, it is not the normal thing for me to electively speak.