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A solid dielectric that exhibits persistent dielectric polarization.

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(General Physics) a permanently polarized dielectric material; its electric field is similar to the magnetic field of a permanent magnet
[C20: from electr(icity + magn)et]
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The ROG Theta Electret, on the other hand, is an analogue pair with an impedance of 32 ohms and silver-plated copper cables.
Selectable parameters include microphone preamplifier game, electret power on/off, stereo line input gain, headphone monitoring, pushbutton action, and overall system operation.
Kimberly-Clark offers nonwoven air filtration media, including both high-loft and low-loft nonwoven filter media with an electret charge.
So far, the observed hysteresis in the dynamic I-V curves can be attributed to the electret effect [23,24].
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Representative acoustic sensor technologies complying with those requirements were evaluated: electret condenser microphone (KEEG1542, Knowles), MEMS microphone with analog output (ADMP404, Analog Devices; ICS40310, Invensense), and MEMS microphone with digital output (ADM441, Analog Devices).
The study included a commonly used F7-class glass-fiber filter, HEPA-class filters, an electret filter and an electrostatic precipitator.
In addition to the microcontroller, the platform contained a circuit board that received input from an electret microphone (Model WM-63GNT, Panasonic Corp., Newark, New Jersey, USA) clamped near the base of the tree.
The DGO9767CD electret microphone is applied to measure the noise signals that the sensitivity is 50 mV/Pa, and the frequency response range is 20 Hz-20 kHz.
The boom for the electret microphone can be rotated 360 degrees and placed on either side of the headset.