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Noun1.electric bell - a bell activated by the magnetic effect of an electric currentelectric bell - a bell activated by the magnetic effect of an electric current
bell - a hollow device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck
electromagnet - a temporary magnet made by coiling wire around an iron core; when current flows in the coil the iron becomes a magnet
telephone bell - electric bell that rings to signal a call
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There was no one about, but under an electric bell was written Garcon.
This is a good house; look at the knocker and the electric bell. They've had that put in.
Suddenly, the silence in the next room was disturbed by the ringing of an electric bell. There was a bound on the other side of the wall and Erik's voice of thunder:
The sharp, insistent summons of an electric bell from outside rang through the room.
The electric bell rang softly from outside, and the orchestra commenced to play.
At the same time an electric bell rang sharply again and again.
This man from the West, cunning in woodcraft and plainscraft, with eyes and ears open, tense and suspicious, did not know that under the table, close to her foot, was the push button of an electric bell. He had never heard of such a contrivance, and his keenness and wariness went for naught.
CHEVELEY at once puts her hand on the electric bell that is on the table.
Electric bells and speaking-tubes afforded communication with the lower stories; while on the mantel stood an electric clock, precisely like that in Mr.
He considered himself entitled, at Hampton Court on a holiday, to forget the very names of Cardinal Wolsey or William of Orange; but he could hardly be dragged from some details about the arrangement of the electric bells in the neighboring hotel.
Wooden balconies and overhanging eaves had been added to them, so that, in the language of the advertisement, there were vacant three eligible Swiss-built villas, with sixteen rooms, no basement, electric bells, hot and cold water, and every modern convenience, including a common tennis lawn, to be let at L100 a year, or L1,500 purchase.