electric burn

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Noun1.electric burn - a burn caused by heat produced by an electric current
burn - an injury caused by exposure to heat or chemicals or radiation
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Limitations of the study: Electric burn cases have high morbidity and mortality rates and may involve multiple systems.16 Electric burns were not included in our study; as such cases were referred to other centers due to the accompanying traumas, which could be considered a limitation of the present study.
These particularly include the electric burn victims, mainly comprising labours who devoid of required protective gears are registered to be exposed to serious risks while handling gadgets.
Additionally average hospital stay was 4 day except one with electric burn to face and neck, who remained with us for 20 days due to initial burn management.
There are some marks of electric burn on the child's body.
They ubmitted additional opinion holding heart as normal and an electric burn mark on the body of the deceased.
Table 1: Etiology of Scalp Defects Etiology Number Trauma 12 Post neurosurgery procedure 8 Post tumour excision 5 Post animal attack 4 Post electric burn 4 Table 2: Site of scalp defects Location of defect Number Frontal 10 Parietal 2 Vertex 8 Temporal 6 occipital 7