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Noun1.Electric clock - a clock using a small electric motorelectric clock - a clock using a small electric motor
clock - a timepiece that shows the time of day
electric motor - a motor that converts electricity to mechanical work
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Electric bells and speaking-tubes afforded communication with the lower stories; while on the mantel stood an electric clock, precisely like that in Mr.
At certain hours, successively calculated, marked by electric clocks which beat the seconds at the same time, the population were invited to take their places at the banquet tables.
The built-in 20-inch electric clock has a sweep second hand and a glass face.
As is tradition for Wetherspoons, the branch was named after a local hero - in this case, Alexander Bain, inventor of the fax machine and the electric clock.
"But look at the old electric clock. It's running backwards and showing 24 minutes past six."
House of Fraser (formerly James Howells) Store, St Mary Street Up until the late '70s/early '80s many large buildings had what were known as "controlled electric clock systems" where an electric "master clock" somewhere in the building controlled all of the other clocks and kept them all showing the same time by transmitting a pulse every 30 seconds which advanced the hands of all the "slave" dials.
by Times News ServiceIn Phantom VIII the only noise one can hear in a Rolls Royce cabin is the electric clock ticking.
The electric clock has been on site since 1966 and was made by Smith of Derby, a firm of bespoke clockmakers responsible for many public timepieces around the world.
Installed by Charles Shepherd in 1852, the clock features the 24-hour analogue dial and was an early example of an electric clock. Controlled by a master clock inside the building, it's part of a series of timepieces that first operated by sending electrical signals to a clock at London Bridge, which then transferred pulses to other clocks throughout England.
For example, the legislation now captures gas cookers with an electric clock and petrol lawn mowers with an electric ignition, which will need to comply as of July 2019.
Featuring an electrically operated optional sliding steel sunroof it also had an electric clock, three luggage spaces, built-in fog lights, round tail lights, upper and lower dash pads, door pads, and long padded armrests.