electric cord

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Noun1.electric cord - a light insulated conductor for household useelectric cord - a light insulated conductor for household use
conductor - a device designed to transmit electricity, heat, etc.
extension cord - an electric cord used to extend the length of a power cord
power cord - a cord to conduct power to an electrical appliance
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When plugging an electric cord into a socket, most people do not know from which source the electricity is generated or whether the electricity is green or harmful to the environment.
The skeletal remains, their positions, the electric cord tied around an ankle.
Then I pull a pin to adjust the position of the panels, plug in an electric cord that runs from the panels to the pump, flip the switch, and watch the water come out.
Also, users should not overload extension cords or outlets, or place an electric cord under a rug.
Generators should be kept outside, so it's good to have an electric cord that's at least 20 feet long.
Work to also include removal and replacement of electric cord and reel, replacement with 50 FT of stainless steel wire rope, wire in all electrical components, and load testing of all operations.
Summary: Primary reports say the man, working at a contracting company, used an electric cord to kill self.
By 2017, it would make the annual piles of old washing machines, computers, fridges, electronic toys and other goods with an electric cord or battery the weight equivalent of 200 Empire State Buildings or 11 Great Pyramids of Giza, it said.
Sonneman's Level light contrasts opacity and transparency while celebrating minimalism: The lanternlike glass base reveals the electric cord, which is covered with red silk.
He was whipped 40 times with an electric cord in his home, while three other men held him down on his bed.
Anne has an electric cord coming out of her stomach and her nightly routine involves turning off her bedside lamp, kissing partner Derek goodnight, and plugging herself in.
The hum hie typeface on one card read XENOPHILE (in reference to Andre Kreton's erotic ode to Oceania) and, below that, PHORMIUM TENAX; next to t hung two leaves of New Zealand flax amid a tangle of electric cord.