electric dipole

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Noun1.electric dipole - a dipole with equal and opposite electric charges
dipole - a pair of equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles separated by a small distance
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In his laboratory at Argonne, Dietrich has been leading a project to measure an important property (the 'electric dipole moment') of radium atoms after they have been laser cooled to a temperature just slightly above absolute zero.
This spontaneous electric dipole moment can be repeatedly transitioned between two or more equivalent states or directions upon application of an external electric field -- a property utilised in numerous ferroelectric technologies, for example nano-electronic computer memory, RFID cards, medical ultrasound transducers, infrared cameras, submarine sonar, vibration and pressure sensors, and precision actuators.
Attempts to solve similar equations in spherical coordinates in the presence of an electric dipole have been made.
As is known, an electric dipole ([micro]) is a vector which is characterized in the direction between two electrical charges, towards +q to -q and module given by the distance d between them [16,20]:
The emitter, modeled as a vertical electric dipole of moment 1 x [e.sup.j[omega]t] A x m, is located at height h above an N-layer conducting medium.
The 12 lectures identify new directions in the field of ultracold physics, such as quantum gases with long range interactions, either due to strong magnetic dipole forces, due to Rydberg excitations, or, for polar molecules due to electric dipole interactions; quantum gases in lower dimensions; quantum gases with disorder; atoms in optical lattices, now with single-site optical resolution; systems with non-trivial topological properties such as spin-orbit coupling or in artificial gauge fields; quantum impurity problems (Bose and Fermi polarions); and quantum magnetism.
To clarify this matter we perform simulations in CST Microwave Studio to calculate the electric field around the body generated by small electric dipole (8 mm length, 0.5 mm thickness) at the distance of 1 mm from the body, which represents an elementary electric source.
Based on the equivalent lumped-pi circuit model, the electromagnetic field coupling with a single-conductor TL in a rectangular enclosure excited by an internal electric dipole is investigated in [7].
Recent experiments indicate that the electrons have a bound for the electric dipole moment [1-3] and the SM predicts that the electron is a punctual particle.
It was assumed that the electric dipole source / was located somewhere in space and that the time-harmonic factor was [.sup.j[omega]t].
Fierlinger's team currently is developing an experiment to determine the charge distribution in neutrons--referred to by physicists as the electric dipole moment.