electric dipole moment

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Noun1.electric dipole moment - the dipole moment in an electric dipole
dipole moment - the moment of a dipole
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'Finding a measureable electric dipole moment would provide physicists with important data for not only solving this mystery but also revising the Standard Model,' said Dietrich.
This spontaneous electric dipole moment can be repeatedly transitioned between two or more equivalent states or directions upon application of an external electric field -- a property utilised in numerous ferroelectric technologies, for example nano-electronic computer memory, RFID cards, medical ultrasound transducers, infrared cameras, submarine sonar, vibration and pressure sensors, and precision actuators.
From this, Pauling [29] proposed that the ratio of the experimental electric dipole moment and calculated dipole moment (assuming that the binding was completely ionic) would give %CI real of a polar covalent bond (Equation 5).
Heckel, "Reduced limit on the permanent electric dipole moment of [sup.199]Hg," Physical Review Letters, vol.
However, scientists suspect that neutrons have a tiny electric dipole moment. Unfortunately, past measurements were not sufficiently precise.
Here, the electric dipole moment of atoms has the order of magnitude of 1.0 x [10.sup.-29] C x m.
The standard model of particle physics predicts that atoms should have virtually nonexistent electric dipole moments, so finding one could mean that an undiscovered particle or force is at work.
After switching off the external electric fields, the electric dipoles, characterized by electric dipole moments, are still present in the dielectric object.
In what follows, for simplicity, we consider electrically neutral magnetic dipoles with the vanishing proper electric dipole moment, i.e., [p.sub.0] = 0.
In general, the power spectrum of the electric dipole moment depends not only on the total angular momentum of the grain L but also on the the orientation of the grain axes and dipole moment with respect to L, which we formally represent by the set of angles [omega].
137, 127 (1989), Microwave Spectrum, Structure, and Electric Dipole Moment of Ar-C[H.sub.3]OH.
and the electric dipole moment p = [e.sub.*]r, where r represents the random excursions of the point charge about its average position at <r> = 0.