electric heater

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Noun1.electric heater - a small electric space heaterelectric heater - a small electric space heater  
heating element - the component of a heater or range that transforms fuel or electricity into heat
heat lamp, infrared lamp - electric heater consisting of a high-power incandescent lamp that emits infrared radiation; "the bathroom could be warmed by an infrared lamp"
space heater - heater consisting of a self-contained (usually portable) unit to warm a room
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Crew commander Kerry Blomfield said: "A gentleman had placed an electric heater too close to a settee in the bedroom and it had set the settee on fire.
The source was either a short circuit in the lights or the electric heater, or it could have been from smoking waste landing on the furniture causing thermal glow with smoke, and that quickly turned into a blaze due to strong winds," stated the report seen by Gulf News on Monday.
Electric heaters company Gaumer Process reported on Thursday the receipt of "Certificate of Conformity" (independent 3rd party) for 4kV medium voltage electric heater and control panel (purged) for hazardous area locations under ATEX directives.
I bet Sanctuary Housing are not going to cover the cost of the extra electric used or cover the cost of using the electric heater or for me to keep my grandma warm at night.
Here are five tips on using portable electric heaters from AHAM and ESFI.
Erythema ab igne is classically seen on the inner thighs and legs of women who sit near the open fire, stove, or an electric heater. It can occur due to heating pads, hot water bottles, infrared lamps, and even laptop computers.
Gareth Parsons, who lived in Blaise Place, Leckwith, switched on the electric heater on in the family's chilly dining room at about 8am yesteday before going into the kitchen to make breakfast for his two sons.
A PENSIONER killed in a house fire was drying clothes on an electric heater when the blaze broke out, fire investigators believe.
EVER wondered how much of that dreaded electricity bill is down to leaving the electric heater on to warm the bedroom or having the air conditioning unit on all night?
The heat pumps use a portion of the air downstream of the heat pipe, heating and discharging it before the electric heater. A new heat recovery coil was installed downstream of the heat pipe in the exhaust air.
Eight puppies and four adult Alsatians have been killed in a barn fire in Rochdale after an electric heater was knocked over.