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Noun1.electric razor - a razor powered by an electric motorelectric razor - a razor powered by an electric motor
razor - edge tool used in shaving
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A video surfaced in recent days of a man reportedly in the business class section of a United Airlines flight who made others quite uncomfortable after shaving his head with an electric razor.
NEWSOME | |July 6 at 6am: A property on Manor Street was entered via an insecure ground floor window, a radio/tv equipment were stolen, computer games, and an electric razor.
The most memorable thing I have ever personally witnessed is a man shaving his head with an electric razor while driving.
NEW YORK -- Men often turn to an electric razor for a quick shave--but soon they won't have to.
The Butterfly iQ connects to your iPhone and looks a bit like an electric razor. Place it on the area of the body you wish to examine and a black-and-white ultrasound image will appear on your phone.
The device itself is the size of an electric razor.
2001 AMERICAN businessman Victor Kiam, who made his fortune with the Remington Electric Razor, died at the age of 74.
| Owain Anthony Coleman, 18, from Hansen Street, Butetown, Cardiff, admitted stealing an electric razor worth PS129.99 from Boots.
I couldn't believe that a teacher would allow a toddler to play with an electric razor in school.