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Noun1.electric razor - a razor powered by an electric motorelectric razor - a razor powered by an electric motor
razor - edge tool used in shaving
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NEW YORK -- Men often turn to an electric razor for a quick shave--but soon they won't have to.
The device itself is the size of an electric razor.
2001 AMERICAN businessman Victor Kiam, who made his fortune with the Remington Electric Razor, died at the age of 74.
Owain Anthony Coleman, 18, from Hansen Street, Butetown, Cardiff, admitted stealing an electric razor worth PS129.
When I enquired of a policeman what this meant, I received the following reply: "The Crown Prince of Japan (the present emperor) is staying with his Lordship (Lord Armstrong) and his electric razor has broken down.
I couldn't believe that a teacher would allow a toddler to play with an electric razor in school.
Prosecutors declined to pursue the original misdemeanor menacing and criminal weapons possession charges involving the pubic-hair-filled electric razor she allegedly pulled from her waistband and flung at the actor.
While his coffee pot MADE IN CHINA was perking, He shaved with his electric razor MADE IN HONG KONG.
Ross Buckton, 21, was caught on CCTV putting a dummy electric razor into his pocket and leaving Boots on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough without paying on May 12.
CASES heard before Birmingham magistrates on October 22 included: Donna Dacre, 24, of Booth Street, Handsworth, stole two pairs of jeans worth PS400 from Selfridges, 12 month conditional discharge, PS50 costs, PS15 victim surcharge; Gareth Garmson, 28,of Mull Close, Frankley, drove without the correct licence, no insurance, failing to stop after an accident, fined PS400, victim surcharge PS15, PS80 costs, six penalty points; Lisa Waldron, 31, of Gillott Road, Edgbaston, failing to attend a drugs assessment, six months community order; James Roberto Andrews, 35, of Sharps Close, Rubery, stole an electric razor worth PS29.
Q My dad gets my mum to cut his hair with an electric razor and it looks like it's a homegrown cut.
I shaved with my electric razor (made in Hong Kong).