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Noun1.electric shaver - a razor powered by an electric motorelectric shaver - a razor powered by an electric motor
razor - edge tool used in shaving
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Clip-clip went the scissors and electric razors hummed.
Karyl Leggatt, 27, of Long Street, Dordon, admitted two counts of stealing items (including hair removal products, electric razors and cosmetics) worth a total of PS746 from Boots, and attempting to steal PS239 of electrical items from Boots.
Survey respondents said they preferred electric razors if they were men and manual razors if they were women.
Stronger growth for depilatories was hampered by the growing popularity of electric razors in 2015.
In bathrooms, it is usually the electric razors or water heaters that are the culprits.
The scientists believe that the technology has the potential to be installed into domestic bathrooms to harness the urine and produce sufficient electricity to power showers, lighting and electric razors too.
Nypro makes plastic parts used in devices ranging from cell phones and electric razors to inkjet printer cartridges and personal computers.
Rabbis in the haredi town of Kiryat Sefer have ruled recently that the use of electric razors is prohibited by the Torah.
He claimed officers carted off goods including MP3 players, radios, books, magazines, blankets and electric razors - estimating more than 500 inmates at Jaw Prison had their possessions taken.
Sometimes on my travels I look at all those commuters stuck in traffic with their electric razors and wonder how they can stand it" Sir Michael Stoute, on the joys of a life less ordinary ''Amy Weaver owns, trains and has led up State Visit and has now won the best-turned-out award - something you won't see Sir Michael Stoute do
Matches, lighters, candles, gas stoves and appliances, even hair dryers and electric razors should be kept at least 10 feet away.
The cost and ecological impact of razor blades has us checking out electric razors these days.