electric shaver

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Noun1.electric shaver - a razor powered by an electric motorelectric shaver - a razor powered by an electric motor
razor - edge tool used in shaving
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A FAULTY electric shaver is being blamed for a fire at a house in Wavertree.
Overall electric shaver and hair care equipment market size, 2007-2018
The resurgence of the women's electric shaver category is visible across all US markets.
Braun Series 7 Shaver Named Best Electric Shaver Series 7 shines at the GQ Magazine Grooming Awards
Traveler's personal care kit features a dozen tools, including electric shaver, nose hair trimmer, bottle opener, cuticle scissors, and five international adapter plugs, $79.
Philishave Cool Skin electric shaver (from pounds 100)
The company introduced the world's first electric shaver in 1937 and its brand dates back to 1816, making it one of the oldest consumer brands.
In a letter submitted to the authorities, the group said forcing the inmates to share an electric shaver puts them at risk of contracting diseases.
This gentlemen's rechargeable electric shaver is on offer at a price that you'll find hard to beat.
It is hoping its Christmas sales drive will land it with a bigger cut of the pounds 60 million UK electric shaver market.
In this challenge, Panasonic and GAMBA Osaka set a new Guinness World Record[TM], the "Most People Shaving with an Electric Shaver at multiple venues" and at the same time broke the current record, the "Most People Shaving with an Electric Shaver at one venue.
With the launch of its new CleanXchange electric shaver, Remington believes it has developed a whole new category in electric shavers.