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Noun1.electric typewriter - a typewriter powered by an electric motorelectric typewriter - a typewriter powered by an electric motor
electric motor - a motor that converts electricity to mechanical work
typewriter - hand-operated character printer for printing written messages one character at a time
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Beto saw her typing on a big electric typewriter, something he had never seen before.
For more formal documents, we used a manual typewriter, and later an electric typewriter. If we made a mistake, we used a rubber eraser or typed over the error after covering it with Snopake.
"Actually," Doc said, "I did a little research, and IBM introduced the first commercially available electric typewriter in 1961.
And the switchboard and an electric typewriter were put out of action by flying bricks.
Years ago, I swore I'd never have an automatic transmission in my pickup, or one of those new cell phone contraptions, or a computer that would replace my electric typewriter. I was wrong on all counts, and though I often yearn for the good old days because I'm an old-school guy, they'll be alive only in my memories.
The hum of an electric typewriter, synthesizers, and assorted percussion filled out the score.
Production was about 100,000 words a month most months, done on an electric typewriter, working an average of three hours a day, three days a week." He went on, "I had one main problem, and that was running out of magazines to write for." In using his own and fifteen pen names during the 1930s-1940s, he wrote for the various magazines often contributing two and even three stories per issue where he saw over 200 of his short stores, novellas and novels published.
Using the machine gave the firm employees confidence to upgrade to an NCR Model 3100, a "full accounting machine" with an electric typewriter and paper tape recorder, which helped the firm generate income, purchase an early computer, run feasibility studies, and open two new divisions for accounting and management services.
I guess it's just getting used to the new way of life, like when there was the typewriter and then the electric typewriter and now computers.''
MANY YEARS AGO--more than I really want to think about--I went to college with not much more than a suitcase full of clothes, a cheap stereo and, for obvious reasons as a journalism major, a Smith-Corona electric typewriter. I loved that typewriter.
Without revision, without remorse, I filled the pages of little notebooks tucked into my army jacket until I discovered an electric typewriter in my father's office.
I used an office-model manual Remington in that workplace; the management wouldn't spring for an electric typewriter for as lowly an employee as I was.

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