electrical capacity

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Noun1.electrical capacity - an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is stored
electrical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon involving electricity
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Project use power is that electrical capacity, energy, and associated ancillary service components required to provide the minimum electrical service needed to operate and/or maintain Reclamation Project facilities in conformance with project authorization.
International Resource News-December 18, 2017--E-J Electric Installation to expand Bayonne Energy Center's electrical capacity
He explained that electrical capacity currently being implemented reaches a capacity of 10,000 MW, which will be added to the national grid in the next year.
The expansion will increase the plant's electrical capacity from 168 to around 364 megawatts.
He pointed out that the national project for atomic energy consists of several main components, such as large nuclear reactors which are reactors with an electrical capacity estimated between 1200MW and 1600MW of power per one reactor.
The power train will provide an electrical capacity of about 900 megawatts (MW).
Moreover, the refurbishment is expected to result in maximal and durable electrical capacity, the statement added.
The thinness of the film enables the capacitor producer to develop much smaller systems with the same electrical capacity.
Capacitor sensors detect any change in the environment through changing the electrical capacity of the capacitor.
They allowed to upgrade the existing 5000 MW capacity and install additional 1700 MW electrical capacity.
Balkey discusses the issues confronting the nuclear industry for license renewal beyond 60 years of operation and the electrical capacity implications.
Ostend-based Electrawinds Biosteam NV has minimal processing volume of 130,000 tonnes of biomass waste per year and electrical capacity of 18MW.