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I then helped them make the device, which was connected to an electrical circuit and a mobile phone.
MARIB, June 13 -- Marib Power Gas Station in Bani Al-Jardan district of Marib shut down on Tuesday, after attacks on Monday and Tuesday left the first and second electrical circuits of the station out of service.
Rather complex electrical circuit with serial rectifier diode is shown in Fig.
Key words: remote measurement, variable topology, electrical circuit
Police say the US-bound package discovered on a plane in Dubai contained explosives and an electrical circuit linked to a mobile phone SIM card.
The overdemand that is placed on the electrical circuit is often traced to the driver, who can easily in the name of creature comforts, overload the electrical circuit through aftermarket 110 Vac outlets.
The MS Society says the simplest way to understand what happens with the condition is to think of the body's nervous system as an electrical circuit.
Each detector has 10 million elements, and each one has its own electrical circuit.
Made between October 2003 and July this year, the headlights contain a defective electrical circuit that could cause them to fail, Yanase said in a recall report to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
In the case of the lamp, if there is any place along the way in which the electrical circuit is interrupted, the bulb will not light.
Combining temperature with other advanced multimeter functions provides a convenient test tool for diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical distribution systems, electrical circuit connections, motor and pump bearings, and HVAC lines and ducts.

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