electrical circuit

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Noun1.electrical circuit - an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flowelectrical circuit - an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow
bridge circuit, bridge - a circuit consisting of two branches (4 arms arranged in a diamond configuration) across which a meter is connected
bridged-T - a circuit consisting of a T-network with an additional shunt bridging the two series circuits
capacitor, condenser, electrical condenser, capacitance - an electrical device characterized by its capacity to store an electric charge
choke, choke coil, choking coil - a coil of low resistance and high inductance used in electrical circuits to pass direct current and attenuate alternating current
closed circuit, loop - a complete electrical circuit around which current flows or a signal circulates
computer circuit - a circuit that is part of a computer
delay line - a circuit designed to introduce a calculated delay into the transmission of a signal
electrical device - a device that produces or is powered by electricity
electronic equipment - equipment that involves the controlled conduction of electrons (especially in a gas or vacuum or semiconductor)
feedback circuit, feedback loop - a circuit that feeds back some of the output to the input of a system
flip-flop - an electronic circuit that can assume either of two stable states
clipper, limiter - (electronics) a nonlinear electronic circuit whose output is limited in amplitude; used to limit the instantaneous amplitude of a waveform (to clip off the peaks of a waveform); "a limiter introduces amplitude distortion"
data link, link - an interconnecting circuit between two or more locations for the purpose of transmitting and receiving data
open circuit - an incomplete electrical circuit in which no current flows
pulse timing circuit - a circuit that times pulses
electrical relay, relay - electrical device such that current flowing through it in one circuit can switch on and off a current in a second circuit
resistor, resistance - an electrical device that resists the flow of electrical current
resonant circuit, resonator - an electrical circuit that combines capacitance and inductance in such a way that a periodic electric oscillation will reach maximum amplitude
series circuit - a circuit having its parts connected serially
short circuit, short - accidental contact between two points in an electric circuit that have a potential difference
electrical shunt, shunt, bypass - a conductor having low resistance in parallel with another device to divert a fraction of the current
squelch circuit, squelcher, squelch - an electric circuit that cuts off a receiver when the signal becomes weaker than the noise
tank circuit - an oscillatory circuit
T-network - a circuit formed by two equal series circuits with a shunt between them
electron tube, thermionic tube, thermionic vacuum tube, thermionic valve, vacuum tube, tube - electronic device consisting of a system of electrodes arranged in an evacuated glass or metal envelope
wiring - a circuit of wires for the distribution of electricity
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"We used a fire extinguisher and placed yellow and black powder in it before we connected it to an electrical circuit and a mobile phone.
The Meteor Electrical Circuit of Ireland National and Historic Rally will join the International field on Easter Sunday and Monday.
Dounreay's most prominent critic, Lorraine Mann, of Scotland Against Nuclear Dumping, said: "If Dounreay's plans do not match up to the drawings of their electrical circuits, then that has to be a serious safety issue.
A smoldering fire or overloaded electrical circuit creates heat, which causes surrounding materials to expand.
By repeatedly pressing a key to complete an electrical circuit, a telegraph operator can generate a string of electrical pulses to convey a message.
Carroll, who designed and constructed an electrical circuit to demonstrate the phenomenon.
He designed an electrical circuit in which appropriate resistors replaced the springs, and devices known as Zener diodes replaced the strings.
Roughly one in every 200 people in the United States suffers from a type of rapid heartbeat known as paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT), in which more than one electrical circuit connects the heart's upper and lower chambers.

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