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Noun1.electrical contact - contact that allows current to pass from one conductor to another
tangency, contact - (electronics) a junction where things (as two electrical conductors) touch or are in physical contact; "they forget to solder the contacts"
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Tenders are invited for Procurement of klinit electrical contact cleaners and insulation tapes
Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & CEO: Akira Tanae) has successfully developed CDF-10, a cadmium-free electrical contact material used primarily in vehicles and smartphones with improved sliding wear resistance*1 compared to existing products.
Currently the highest temperature that can be achieved for an electrical contact is 165 to 170 [degrees] C through silver plating," he commented.
This palladium-cobalt alloy plating solution can be introduced to mass production because it offers a high yield and operating efficiency that were not possible with previous palladium-cobalt alloy plating solutions and enables the manufacture of electrical contact components with stable quality.
US electronic components producer Technitrol (NYSE:TNL) said Friday it has completed the divestment of its Electrical Contact Products Group (AMI Doduco) unit to private equity firms Tinicum Capital Partners and JP Asia Capital Partners and members of AMI Doduco's management for EUR33m (USD42.
AMI Doduco manufactures a range of electrical contact products including, contact materials, semi-finished products, contact parts and electromechanical components.
Theman and her associates reviewed the hospital charts of 25 patients with a low-voltage electrical contact injury and 15 patients with a low-voltage electrical flash injury who were admitted to the Ross Tilley Burn Centre at St.
Polyacrylic is environmentally friendly, in that it does not include siloxane, a cause for contamination of the environment and also a cause of failures in electrical contact.
Order a new electrical contact assembly with NSN 5935-01-142-9742.
MEC BETRAS is the leading Italian producer of electrical contact rivets and stamped electrical contact parts, which are used in automobiles, household appliances, and circuit breakers.
Bal Seal, ETIC to Demonstrate Electrical Contact Technology in Booth #L65
Careful examination of the contact area between the bump and outside environment reveals that hardness has a dramatic impact on socket design, electrical contact (impedance and contact resistance) and overall yield.

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