electrical resistance

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Noun1.electrical resistance - a material's opposition to the flow of electric currentelectrical resistance - a material's opposition to the flow of electric current; measured in ohms
electrical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon involving electricity
ohmage - the ohmic resistance of a conductor
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Tenders are invited for Chamber resistance electrical resistance furnace with thermostat Eligibility Criteria : The customer reserves the right to request additional data from participants confirming their economic and financial situation, technical capabilities, the provision of which is mandatory.
Researchers from Trinity College, Dublin, discovered that the electrical resistance of G-putty - the name they gave to Silly Putty infused with graphene - was extremely sensitive to even minimal deformations and pressures, "hundreds of times more sensitive than normal sensors.
The ER-200 electrical resistance (ER) datalogger reads all ER standard and ER temperature probes.
Electrical continuity of the assembly can be tested thanks to electrical resistance measurement of the solder joint chain.
The results showed that the produced nanostructures have high transparency in the range of visible light while they have lower electrical resistance in comparison with common samples.
The electrical resistance of various skin sites is recorded by meters and mapped by the investigator on a drawing of the human body.
At KET we had originally planned to develop the parts using nylon PA66 because of its good mechanical properties, but PA66 could not meet the OEMs electrical resistance requirements under high temperature testing conditions"--minimum 500 MOhm at 120[degrees]C and DC 500V).
Contact, in the form of a fingertip or a stylus, changes the electrical resistance between the two ITO layers enough so that the device can register where the user is touching.
Key statement: Methods for measuring the electrical resistance of a tire including establishing contact between a tread face portion of the omega section and a grounded conductive surface and establishing contact between a mounting portion of the omega section and a mounting rim.
2-mm-diameter nichrome wire, which was coiled into a spiral with a 7-mm diameter and covered with the experimental composition, the electrical resistance did not decrease at ordinary room temperature.
When an ordinary metal is cooled to very low temperatures -- near absolute zero -- its electrical resistance vanishes.

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