electrical resistance

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Noun1.electrical resistance - a material's opposition to the flow of electric currentelectrical resistance - a material's opposition to the flow of electric current; measured in ohms
electrical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon involving electricity
ohmage - the ohmic resistance of a conductor
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One of the ceramic layers is actually an electrical resistance heater.
Depending on the application, microspheres are used for weight reduction, improved strength, buoyancy, thermal and acoustic insulation, electrical resistance, or appearance properties.
In a vacuum, the electrical resistance of nanotubes is 15 percent higher than in air.
Fujikura Ltd and Fujikura Kasei Co Ltd (a member of the Fujikura group), have developed a flexible circuit board that boasts just onetenth the electrical resistance of comparable products.
They had also determined that, at very low temperatures, the electrical resistance to that current increases in steps proportional to the charge of the electron.
The significantly lower inverter electrical resistance allows for higher current capabilities with smaller die sizes and lower torque ripple.
2 wall thickness, confirming to or lasest,IS:1554 part-2 /1988 or latest, having Electrical Resistance 1.
In a conductor with GMR, applied magnetic fields markedly change electrical resistance (SN: 4/22/95, p.
An added scientific benefit is that Burke was able to accurately determine how the electrical resistance of a nanotube depends on its length.
four-point method is used for determining the electrical resistance of materials and is based on the measurement of voltage and current applied to four in a series arranged contact with the liquid.
At nearly 1 million times atmospheric pressure, the gas becomes a metal and loses its electrical resistance, they report in the June 25 Nature.
This advanced wireless packaging technology provides extremely low junction-to-case thermal resistance ((theta)JC), low electrical resistance, and low package inductance.

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