electrical resistance

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Noun1.electrical resistance - a material's opposition to the flow of electric currentelectrical resistance - a material's opposition to the flow of electric current; measured in ohms
electrical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon involving electricity
ohmage - the ohmic resistance of a conductor
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The progress of any corrosion can be gauged by measuring the increase in electrical resistance of the corrosion sensors.
Key statement: There are provided a rubber masterbatch which can give a vulcanized rubber having a low hysteresis loss while having a low electrical resistance (low volume electrical resistance value); and a method for producing the rubber masterbatch.
The measurements of the electrical resistance of the embroidered square-shaped contour embroidery elements were performed with the multimeter BRYMEN BM811S.
The contacts feature low electrical resistance and offer intermittent free connections.
In 1892, hand irons using electrical resistance were introduced by Crompton and Co.
Acrylic coatings have excellent moisture and electrical resistance, and are the preferred choice for the majority of applications.
Before and after any thermal cycle, the electrical resistance of the fibers was measured using a multimeter instrumented with two clamps: no relevant decrease was observed (Figure 2(c)).
As for the conductive materials, the CNT compounds and conducting polymer (PEDOT:PSS) can be stretched to high elongations but suffer from high electrical resistance. However, metal interconnects based on metal nanopowder or metal nanowire show much less electrical resistance although they have limitation in the high elongation [7, 8].
Researchers from Trinity College, Dublin, discovered that the electrical resistance of G-putty - the name they gave to Silly Putty infused with graphene - was extremely sensitive to even minimal deformations and pressures, "hundreds of times more sensitive than normal sensors."
The ER-200 electrical resistance (ER) datalogger reads all ER standard and ER temperature probes.

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