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Noun1.electrical work - the craft of an electricianelectrical work - the craft of an electrician    
craft, trade - the skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"
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02 (I) Electrical Work In Connection With Provision Of One Sided Passenger Platform Shelter In Front Of Station Building (49X5m) And 4 Way Additional Pp Shelter At Mehsi.
On July 11, part of Beach Road in Old Colwyn will be off limits for electrical work.
There seems to be a widespread belief that electricity is generally less dangerous than gas, but sub-standard electrical work and incompetence can and does result in death, injury and loss of property.
Not only should old-fashioned fuse boxes, sockets, switches and wiring be replaced, but you may need to do electrical work as part of big home improvements, such as fitting a new kitchen, converting the loft or changing the use of a room.
WITH the damage faulty electrics can cause, following the Building Regulations for electrical work is essential.
If you are a residential landlord, you are responsible for compliance with legally binding building regulations and must ensure that all electrical work is carried out, inspected and certified by a government authorised competent person such as an NICEIC registered installer who will issue a signed BS 7671 electrical safety certificate on completion of works.
New rules introduced last year affect anyone considering electrical work in their homes, including DIY enthusiasts.
DIY enthusiasts who want to do electrical work in their homes will have to meet new safety rules.
The new rules imposed by the Government will affect anyone doing electrical work at home.
LMB'S subcontractor for the electrical work at the Courthouse, has recently given out four contracts for electrical installation work and electrical supply to small disadvantaged business contractors and suppliers.
This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) performing electrical work at the site (e.
Electrical work isn''t particularly exciting, but it certainly pays to do it by the rules and keep your home safe, says Julia Gray UNLESS something goes wrong with your home''s electrics (or you get them checked by an electrician, which you should do every 10 years) it''s hard to know if they''re safe or not, but this is something you don''t want to take any chances with.

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