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1. also e·lec·tri·cal (-trĭ-kəl) Of, relating to, producing, or operated by electricity: electric current; an electrical device.
a. Of or related to sound created or altered by an electrical or electronic device.
b. Amplified by an electronic device: an electric guitar.
a. Emotionally exciting; thrilling: an electric reading of the play.
b. Exceptionally tense; highly charged with emotion: an atmosphere electric with suspicion.
An electrically powered machine or vehicle: Our mower is an electric.

[New Latin ēlectricus, deriving from amber, as by rubbing, from Latin ēlectrum, amber, from Greek ēlektron.]

e·lec′tri·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.electrically - by electricity; "electrically controlled"
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[ɪˈlektrɪkəlɪ] ADV electrically chargedcargado de electricidad
to be electrically controlledcontrolarse eléctricamente
to be electrically driven/poweredfuncionar eléctricamente
to be electrically operatedmanejarse eléctricamente or por medio de la electricidad, funcionar eléctricamente
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[ɪˈlɛktrɪkli] adv
[powered, operated] → à l'électricité
[stimulate] → électriquement
electrically charged → chargé(e) électriquementelectrical storm norage m (électrique)electric blanket ncouverture f chauffanteelectric blue electric-blue [ɪˌlɛktrɪkˈbluː]
adj (= bright blue) → bleu électrique inv
nbleu m électriqueelectric chair nchaise f électriqueelectric cooker ncuisinière f électriqueelectric current ncourant m électriqueelectric eye ncellule f photoélectriqueelectric fence nclôture f électrifiéeelectric fire electric heater n (British)radiateur m électrique
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advelektrisch; an electrically powered carein Wagen mmit Elektroantrieb; electrically operated/controlledelektrisch betätigt/gesteuert
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[ɪˈlɛktrɪklɪ] advelettricamente
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(elekˈtrisəti) noun
a form of energy used to give heat, light, power etc. worked by electricity; Don't waste electricity.
electric (əˈlektrik) adjective
1. of, produced by, or worked by electricity. electric light.
2. full of excitement. The atmosphere in the theatre was electric.
eˈlectrical adjective
related to electricity. electrical engineering; electrical appliances; an electrical fault.
eˈlectrically adverb
Is this machine electrically operated?
ˌelecˈtrician (-ʃən) noun
a person whose job is to make, install, repair etc electrical equipment. The electrician mended the electric fan.
eˈlectrified (-faid) adjective
supplied or charged with electricity. an electrified fence.
eˈlectrify (-fai) verb
1. to convert (a railway etc) to the use of electricity as the moving power.
2. to excite or astonish. The news electrified us.
eˌlectrifiˈcation (-fi) noun
eˈlectrifying adjective
an electrifying speech.
electric chair
a chair used to execute criminals by sending a powerful electric current through them.
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References in classic literature ?
But, another Crusoe chancing upon the footprint of another man Friday, his nose, not his eyes, shocked him electrically alert as he smelled the fresh contact of a living man's foot with the ground.
This god, stiffened electrically and pointed Jerry along the deck, and, with mouth encouragements and urgings the import of which Jerry could only guess, directed him toward the one who so commanded by saying:
This product is then treated electrically, or rather certain proportions of refined electric vibrations are incorporated with it, and the result is then pumped to the five principal air centers of the planet where, as it is released, contact with the ether of space transforms it into atmosphere.
Usually, he closed the case, and he was immensely effective as he would declaim, in his deep voice: "I submit, Your Honor, that the literature of the world does not afford a passage which states how the human voice can be electrically transmitted, previous to the patent of Mr.
His little black eyes sparkled electrically. His very hair seemed to sparkle as he roughened it.
Duralco 125N is said to cure at room temperature to form flexible, electrically conductive bonds with excellent resistance to most chemicals, solvents, and moisture.
They packed it onto shallow, electrically conductive platters and zapped it with up to 20,000 volts.
He designs and develops electrically heated rollers for printing and converting.
It may be that damaged brain and spinal neurons have trophic factors but are no longer electrically active, says Barres.

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